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Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're Makin' a Spiffy Combat! WOOT WOOT :D

Hey everyone! :D You might have heard the saddening news about the last post on the CPSkool Blog was today. We will miss you a lot CPSkool and thank you Peng for hosting it! Now, CPSkool the GAMESHOW is over, but the chat and site will still be open. As Peng said, we are the new generation of CPSkool, along with Hippie Hobo Clowns! :D Tim and I are gunna start having more spiffy adventures again, and each week, we are gunna pick one of YOU to be a guest star on the show! :D How cool is that!?!?! Right now, CP's 5th anniversary party is here! Grab some cake, dance in a spiffy-style, and have some fun with friends! :) 

Keep it spiffy! 
         ~Andy The Lego

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