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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Once Apon a time, there was a young boy named Scrooge, him and his freind Petey owned a lemonade stand, petey sadly died on the day of Christmas, at 2:00 in the morning. They earned so much money, and the last thing Petey said was to give there left over money to the poor... Scrooge said he would do this, but when the time came, he kept it all to himself.

One night, when little Scrooge was in bed, he heard a noise, he rose from his bed and went to see where this sound was coming from. He didn't find anything wrong, so he went back to bed, he was sursprised to see next to his bed, his freind Petey, but this time it was his ghost.

"Scrooge!!" "Scrooge!!" Petey shouted. "How dare you!!" "What!? What have a done!?" Scrooge said. "You said you would donate our money to the poor! You lied!" Petey exclamied in anger. "But.. but.." scrooge said scared. "NO! YOU HAVE TAKEN THE SPIFFY OUT OF CHRISTMAS! YOU MUST PAY!" Petey exclaimed even louder. "OK! OK! WHAT WILL YOU DO DO ME!?" Scrooge responded. "You shall be visited by three ghost, The ghost of Spiffy Present, Spiffy Past, and Spiffy Future. Prepare yourself." "OK OK! I WILL!" Scrooge said. And as Scrooge said that, Petey dissapeared. "Hmp! Ghost of past present and future! Oh please!" Scrooge said as he fell back asleep.

Scrooge had woken up. It was now morning! Or so it seemed... The sun glaring though the window. "Pstt!! Hey! Hey you!! Kid wake up!!!" A mysterious voice said. "Whatt? whoo??" Said scrooge half asleep. "WHAT THE!?" Scrooge said looking at his watch which said it was only 11:00 PM. "WAIT!? SUN AT 11?" "Heyy." Said this mysterious voice.


"SO IT WAS TRUE!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!" Scrooge yelled in fear. "Hey! Dude! cool it! Its ok! Im just the Spiffy Ghost of the Past.." "YOU ARE REALLY A GHOST? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" Scrooge yelled again. "DUDE! STOP YELLING YOUR WAKING UP THE NEIGHBORS!" The spiffy ghost of the past said. "Wait.. Do I know you from somewhere?" scrooge said. "You might...." Said the ghost. "OH MY GOSH! SLIDER!?" "NO! THIS IS JUST A PART TIME JOB! I'M THE SPIFFY GHOST OF THE PAST FOR NOW! But you can call my Slider if you want.." "Ok... Slider *wink*" "Yeah.... ok. So i am here to show you your past, would you mind coming with me? But don't forget! We are only watching, the people cannot see or hear you. Understood?" "Understood." Said Scrooge. "Then let us go." Said Slider.


"That's me! And thats Charlie!" "Yes, its you as an infinant, you were so nice and sweet! But look at what has happened to you. You've become full of yourself and greedy." "Have I? Have I really? hm... Well I want to go back to those days, those days as a little baby. Slider, I have seen all that I need to see. I will be nicer now." "Spiffier, you mean." "Yes, Spiffier." "Very well then. But just incase this doesn't change your mind, you will be visited by two more ghost, For now go back into your bed and try to get some rest your next ghost will arrive at 12:00."

DINGGGGG! Went Scrooges alarm clock. "Twelve O' clock mightnight." Scrooge said to himself. He rose from his bed and shouted "CMON GHOST! COME AT ME! IM NOT SCARED! SHOW ME MY PRESENT!" Silence.... And then a sudden noise, a creaking of a door, Scrooge walked into his living room to find a surprise.
His living room had been decorated with decorations of all kinds for Christmas. "C...C....C....COME ON OUT! IM NOT SCARED SHOW YOURSELF!" "Boo." said the ghost. "AHHHH!!!!!!" Scrooge screamed.


"Hey. Im your ghost of the present... blah blah blah.. SPIFFY!!! Ok, so you know the plan?" The ghost asked "The nobody can hear you or see you so don't try one?" Scrooge awnsered. "BINGO! Ok so you like the decorations?" "Yeah they look pretty cool, I like that the mo..." "Yeah yeah, we can talk on the way." The ghost interupted. "Wait a minute, I know you..." Scrooge said. "Yeah, I'm Tim." "Thought so." Scrooge said. "Ok, on our way.. ready to fly?" Tim asked. "Fly?" Responded Scrooge. Tim answered "Yeah you know.. fly." Sticking his fins out like a plane making noises run around Scrooges living room. "But how do I do that? Don't I need pixie dust or something?" Scrooge asked. "Dude, this isn't an old disney movie... grab my fin.." Tim answered scornly. Tim's feet as he opened the door started rising off the ground. "WHERE WE BE GOING MR. TIM!?" "To see what your present is like! You must change your greedy ways! Were going to look at those children who you have taken that money from! To show that they need it more then you!" Tim yelled in the gust of wind they were flying through. "There." Tim said as they landed.


"You see... you've taken that money for yourself, when these are the ones that need it.." Tim said. "I...I...I didn't know....." Scrooge said sadly. "Well DUH! Now how do you feel?!" "Pretty bad..." "Not too spiffy huh?" "No... not to spiffy... not at all." "So what are you going to do?" "Im going to go back to my home, get the money i have taken and give it back to the poor." "Those were the magic words." Tim said as he winked. Scrooge was then poped back into his room where a note fell from the celling that read "2:00 pm, next ghost."

Scrooge, dreaming, found himself in a dark world, down trapped in a well with a pedulum swinging toward him, tick tick tick. It fell closer to his chest. Tick tick tick. Then all of the sudden, BOOM! Scrooge had woken heart pounding. "Bwhaha! Why hello there scrooge." a voice said angerly. "H..h..hello?" Silence..... A gust of wind blowing the candle out next to Scrooges bed. "SCROOGE!!!!!" Yelled this voice. "YES?! ARE YOU THE LAST GHOST?!" "SCROGEEE!!!" Yelled the voice louder. "CHANGE YOUR WAYS! OR ELSE!" "I AM! I AM GOING TO! TRUST ME!" Scrooge said in terror. Then out of no where Scrooge could see the ghosts face out of the dim candle light. "Hedge?" "HEDGE? HEDGE!!?? I AM NOT "HEDGE"! I AM THE GHOST OF YOUR FUTURE!!" "Really?" Scrooge said. "Ahh, fine you caught me. But just because i know you doesn't mean im going to be nice to you.."


"Fair enough. So now.. People can't see or here me blah blah blah... NOW LETS GO!" Scrooge said. "Not exactly.. Im here to show you what may happen if you don't change your greedy ways." Hedge said while snapping her finger teleporting herslef and scrooge to a dark looking land. "Where are we?" Scrooge asked. Hedge sighed... "WAIT. A GRAVEYARD?! WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!" Hedge pointed to a grave stone and said "See for yourself." Hedge said. The grave read "Here lie Scrooge laid to rest by ---" with the date of "December 26 2010" "NO!!! NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!" Scrooge scream in tears. "Unless you..." Hedge started to say. "YES! I KNOW! I will change my ways! I will give to the poor! I will help charity! I just don't want to die! Im sorry Petey! Im sorry I disobeyed you! IM SORRY! I WILL NEVER BE LIKE THIS EVER AGAIN!! I CAN'T LIVE THIS WAY!! PLEASE! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! IM SORRY!!! PLEASE JUST LET ME LIVE!" Scrooge said in tears. "You Scrooge.... Have learned your lesson." Hedge said as she dissapeared.


Scrooge returned back to his bed where he could no longer sleep. it was only 6:00 am before he got up from his bed got his bag of money and ran right to the orphanage. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" He screamed. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" He gave all the moeny he could to help the poor, and now every Christmas, Scrooge goes to the orphanage to help out and give half of his yearly profit. Scrooge learned his lesson, and he will no longer be greedy, in the end. He learned the true meaning of Christmas... Giving.


And though the ending of this story is done, we wish you a VERY MERRY SPIFFMAS! AND FOR ALL TO HAVE FUN!!

~I would like to thank my good freind Slider with helping me out ALOT with making this, so thx buddy! ~Tim

And Merry Christmas from the Club Penguin Adventure staff!

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