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Friday, June 24, 2011

ADVENTURE 6: The Case of the Golden Guitar!

The music of the guitars and pianos filling the air. The beat of Congo-drums on the west side of the island. The sound of scratching record drifts by from the Night Club Rooftop. This Could only be one thing: Music Jam

"Man, Lego this is great," Tim said, taking a drink from his lemonade. "Living large; just sitting here at the Cove listening to some great music" "Enjoy it while it lasts Tim! It's only here once a year! And it's even better because we don't have to solve any Mysteries! Just sit back, relax, and have a great time." Lego said. "I know ri..." Before Tim could finish his sentence There was a loud scream. "HELP! MY SUPER AMAZING RARE GOLDEN GUITAR IS GONE! SOMEONE HELP ME!" It was the one and only Frostylittle. "Uh-oh..." Said Tim, "This looks like a job a for us."

Tim and Lego ran up to the orange penguin. "Your guitar is gone?!" They both said in a spiffy duet. "Yes" Frosty blubbered, "It was even signed by the one and only PENGUIN BAND!" "Ooh that bites," Tim said holding onto bunny tightly. "Where was the last time you saw it" Frosty wiped away some tears and said "In.. in in...my igloo..." "Lead us the way there, Frosto!" Lego said.

When they got there Frosty explained what had happened "Well...The guitar was standing on that stand over there. The thief must of saw one of my windows was opened and came in through there"

He pointed at a window just big enough for a penguin to get through. "Was there any other evidence you found on the crime scene?" Tim asked. "Yes," Frosty answered "By the window, I found a purple high top shoe. It must of slipped off the crook when he was leaving..." Tim looked confused and said "Well that's a problem. Half the penguin on the island are wearing purple high tops since its in the new catalog. Lego, YOU'RE even wearing them!" "Oh whoops....heh..." Lego said embarrassingly. "HEY WAIT!" Frosty exclaimed. "If they lost one of their purple high tops, then they must be wearing a blue or orange high top on one foot, with the purple on the other!" "THAT'S IT!" Tim and Lego said. The two adventurers left, looking at everyone's shoes all the the way to the Cove.

After relaxing, drinking a few more glasses of lemonade and listening to some more music, it hit Lego. "TIM!!!!!! I KNOW WEAR TO FIND THE THIEF!" "Ok, ok, I'm all ears. Tell!!!" Tim said excitedly swinging bunny like a lasso. "Well, the guitar was signed by the Penguin Band, right? "RIGHT!" "So...If you were a Penguin Band fan, where would you most likely go tonight?" "Umm...uhh...hold on I got this.." Tim said, "Tim!!! you know this!!! you're even going to it tonight! LOL! The Penguin Band Rock the Iceberg Concert!! We just find the person with two colors of high tops and get him!" "Ohh....." said Tim, "LET'S DO THIS!"

Tim and Lego both told Frosty the idea and he loved it. When they got to the iceberg, all three of them were checking everyone's shoes but there was no luck. They got to the snack and line and Frosty said "Oh well guys...thanks for trying to help, I guess I'll never have my golden guitar back. Oh and I'll take one medium popcorn, please." Another guy with orange hair came up behind Tim Lego and Frosty. "Hey!" Frost said, "Great hair!! Looks pretty spiffy!" "Oh...heh....thanks..." The mysterious penguin said. "Here's your popcorn, Sir" The vendor says to Frosty. "Thanks!" Frosty said in reply. Frosty moved a little and then tripped face first into ice - His orange sneaker was untied! "Owww...." Frost said looking up a little bit. He looked straight on the mysterious penguin's feet. He had one Orange high top and one purple high top. Frosty got up and said "IT WAS YOU! YOU TOOK MY GOLDEN GUITAR!"

The penguin gasped and started running. Frosty, Tim and Lego ran behind. Before we knew it, he was up on stage looking for which way to run. Gasps from the audience were everywhere.

Lego screamed "TIM! THROW BUNNY!" "What?! How could you ever want me to hurt my stuffed bunny!" "NO!!! AT THE GUY UP ON STAGE! LIKE YOU DID ON OUR FIRST ADVENTURE!" "Ok..." Tim said, "Here....Goes....NOTHING!" Tim jumped into the air, spinned 3 times, threw bunny, and landed back onto his feet. Bunny was spiraling out of control. It hit the penguin in the back, and boomeranged back to Tim. The penguin fell into the drum set and everything collapsed on top of him- He was trapped! "Like I said last time," Tim said, "I like to keep it spiffy."
We called the EPF, and they arrested the mysterious Penguin.

We found out the penguin was the one and only Party Slider, Who's been suspected for more stolen goods. The police went into Party Sliders home, and found Frosty's golden guitar. Frosty got it back, and said to us "I couldn't of got this back without you guys" Frosty said, "Here, keep it, you deserve it more than me." Tim and Lego both said, "Wow, thanks Frost! You're a great friend!"

And so, The case of the Golden Guitar comes to a close. The CP Spiffy Adventures Team hopes you have a great time at music jam!
Thanks for reading,

(If you're reading this, scroll down for something important...)

There Party Slider lay, just sitting there in his jail cell. Sometimes the other criminals heard evil laughs from him and other times they heard him plotting ways to get out of jail.

One night, the criminals heard the most eeriest laugh they've ever heard. "I WILL GET YOU TIM AND LEGO! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"

The next day...his jail cell was empty.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Technical Difficulties cause problems

Hey guys! As some of you may have seen Club Penguin forgot to pay their domain to keep the site up. This means it will be up in the next 48 hours, this means no club penguin for us kids for 48 hours... This also means that the Case of the Golden Gutair will need to be postponed for a couple of more days. Sorry, but it should be up in a couple days (precisely a little more then 48 hours)
Talk to you soon!
~The CP adventure Staff

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tim's shorts 2: "Applications" ft. Creamsicle Frostbite

One day in the EPF headquarters, Legoboy and Tim were assigned to recruit another agent to help them for their next mission. They went through 10, then 20, then 30 applications, but no luck. "Junk." said Tim. "Wow, this one has food stains on it!" Legoboy screamed. "WHAT THE!?" Tim shouted. "What?" said Legoboy. "Read this one." Tim said while making a weird face. This is what the application read:

Dear EPF Agents,

I work hard. I'm like a women in the kitchen, except I'm allowed to leave the kitchen. People expect me to be all friendly and enthusiastic, but that's a woman's job I'm the straightest man alive, and people love that about me. I get tons of emails everyday, and I don't even bother to open them.

My name is Creamsicle Frostbite, but everyone calls me Straightman. I spend 5 hours a day at the gym, because that's where my friend works. I hang out in the Men's bathroom at Sears. I don't believe in owning a bathroom so that's the only time I get to go. If I owned a bathroom, then I'd have to buy a woman to clean it.

My girlfriend is hot! She's the best and only thing I've ever been allowed to touch. We broke up six months ago. I named my dog after her, his name is girlfriend. I never learned my girlfriend's name, because I am a heterosexual man.

I woke up with a tiger in my bedroom today. My friends and I were playing strip-poker all night long, and we go hard every game. I guess we had too much to drink, but who cares! Life is like two lemons glued together, you just gotta keep squeezing them.

I think I'd be an awesome agent. I'm a tough guy, and I watch hockey. I also believe in women's rights.


Tim and Legoboy stared at each other in Disgust. "Well, you can do the honors Lego." said Tim. Lego nodded, then took out a stamp and stamped the application with big red letters saying "DENIED" They then went on with looking over applications. That letter would be stuck in their minds for a long time...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tim's Shorts 1: A Crime in Rhyme

Once, yes once, upon a time two silly penguins decided to rhyme. It seems they couldn't stop, not even to drink some pop! It was so bad that no one could stop them, they tried everything, even tried to shock 'em. They called in the big guns to see what they could do, even though the one didn't know how to tie his shoe. These two big guns were Legoboy and Tim, they tried to find out how this happened by hitting one of them in the shin. When they hit him they found out how, the small one yelled "BOBBY!" and they both looked at each other and said..... "NOW!" They ran out the door and into the Town "Where could he be?" Tim said. "I'm not sure we'll have to look around." They went in every building, EVERY ONE, guess what they found!? Nope, no one.

Next, they reached the top of the beacon, they ran so fast Tim was had sweat leakin'. Over at the telescope they saw bobby, he used the telescope so well it was like it was his hobby. It turns out it was, he was a evil scientist. He made so many inventions he had a list! It turns out he made a potion, called "Use to rhyme" apparently those two penguins used it at the wrong time.

In the end, the Penguins found a reverse potion, and Bobby was arrested. It was all thanks to Tim and Lego, or this never would have been invested.

The End :D (A Tim original)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tim's Shorts

Hey guys! I'm here to tell you the news that I will be making some short stories thoughout the summer! They will be called "Tim's shorts" I just will just post them whenever. It's kinda like a little surprise every once in a while. They May/may not be about club penguin, they may be true or fictional. You will know it was made by me by these three reasons:

1. The title will be "A Tim Short: (title)"

2. down the bottom it will say "By: Toasty Tim"

3. This picture will be at the begining (thanks to Slider for making it)-

I hope this will be as much fun for you to read as much fun it is for me to write! Hope you like them!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adventure 6 sneak peek

Hello!!! Long Time no see huh? Yeah.. NEW SUMMER. NEW ADVENTURES! THATS RIGHT. AND WERE STARTING IT OFF WITH A MYSTERY. . . Tim and Lego join the Music Jam for an adventure that won't be forgotten in. . .

I'm really excited for this! We are going to be thinking out of the box for this one. It should be out soon!

Cya then!

~Tim and Lego

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