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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tim Shorts 5: The End of Herbert; extended ending

That night, when Tim was cuddling with bunny in the lower bunk and Lego was thinking to himself on the top bunk, Lego said "You know Tim...It's been a little bit more than a year since we joined the EPF, helped solved mysteries, and much more...All of this stuff is crazy. But you know? Life would be just so boring without it..." "Yeah, It would be very boring," Tim said, "But that's just it, we're two crazy best friends!" "Yup, we are, and always will be. I think this is gunna be a another fun year, Tim." "I don't think that Andy; I know it will be."
"Good-night, Tim"
"Good-night, Lego"

That next morning both reported for duty in the EPF Command Room G and the Director both gave Tim and Lego awards of honor for defeating the enemy of the island. "Lego! We finally did it! Herbert has been put to rest!" At that moment someone played the drums -BA DUM TSHH- Tim then winked at the drummer and said "Thank you! No pun intended." "Agents, we are so proud of you, and in honor of you putting him into hibernation, we are now allowing all agents to see what you've done, now located on the big screen in the Command Room you can now view Herbert as he sleeps. Thank you both for your courage, and thank you for saving the EPF, we now don't have to worry about anymore problems."
"B-b-but.." Lego said silently. "That means we won't have anything to do anymore." "PRECISELY!" G exclaimed, "You are all free to roam in peace." "Its ok Lego, we will have something to do! Don't you worry! I know something must happen soon!" Tim said.
But what he didn't know, he would soon be right for Lego and Tim will need to deal with one big mess later that week. . .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adventure 9: The End of Herbert

~α ησтє ƒяσм тнє ¢ρ α∂νєηтυяє ѕтჃ: αвσυт α уєαя αgσ ση тнє 12тн σƒ αυgυѕт ℓєgσ αη∂ тιм ωєηт ση тнєιя ƒιяѕт α∂νєηтυяє, тσ ƒιη∂ тнє уєтι ηє¢кℓα¢є αη∂ нιкє∂ υρ тσ тнє тσρ σƒ тнє тαℓℓєѕт мσυηтαιη, ση¢є αgαιη тнєу ƒιη∂ тнємѕєℓνєѕ тяєккιηg υρ тσ ƒιη∂ тнє єηєму σƒ αℓℓ ¢ℓυв ρєηgυιη, нєявєят ρ. вєαя, ωιℓℓ тнєу ¢σηqυєя тнє вєαя, σя ƒιη∂ нιм ѕтιℓℓ αωαкє? P.S. THIS IS OUR 35TH POST :D~

"What a great day for a Great Snow Race!" said the penguin on the radio. "LEGO! GET UP!" Tim yelled, "Its the day of the great snow race! The day we catch Herbert!" "Oh right!" Lego said. "Lets move out!" they both said with brave emotions on their faces. They both got on there EPF gear, The glasses, the jackets, the shoes, and most of all, Tim had Bunny. Lego opened the door to there dorm and they were ready to catch a bear.
They went from every ones igloo's to the town, they then sneaked over to the dock and then into the ski village. It was fantastic; the Great Snow Race was chilling and wonderful in all imagination, Tim and Lego couldn't wait to ride down the biggest Sled race they ever had done!
Tim started to walk toward the beginning of there journey up the tallest mountain when their EPF phone started to ring. It was G and it was a message to all agents saying "Please report to the Command room for a field-op" Before Tim could take one more step towards the mountain, Lego grabbed his arm and brought him to the EPF room. Once in the command room G and the Director were sitting down, "Come join us agents," G said, "We need you to do one more thing before we can catch Herbert. In his lair we have a communication tower set up, we need you to program it so we can all keep in touch." "Understood G!" Lego said. "Anything else" Tim asked. "Yes," The Director said, "We know that Herbert has a security system, we need it disabled, you need to sneak past it, but it can only be seen with these... Out from the center table came two helmets that would help with seeing things that not just the plain eye can see. "WOAH!" Lego said. "I made them myself." G said with a smirk on his face. "Ok agents. We will talk to you up there. Move out."

Lego and Tim both arrived at the supply camp and stocked up on supplies, they both had a brief supply check and went over what they had, "Rope?" "Check." "Hiking shoes?" "Check." "EPF helmets?" "Check." "Bunny?" "Check!" "Ok, I think that's it, lets go!" They both walked into the ice cavern where they had been before, but this time, there was a speed skating match going on. "These icicles are back!?" Tim said, "Well its always easier second time around... why don't you just push the rewind button to the first adventure? YES YOU! GO AHEAD... PUSH IT!" ~ƒιяѕт α∂νєηтυяє~:
Tim took out his bunny plush toy, put on his ninja mask, flung his bunny into the air saying "Hooowaaaaaa!!!" and all of a sudden, The bunny's ears turned into huge swords and SLICED the icicles into a bridge! Tim did a back flip in air, caught his bunny, and fell perfectly on his feet. "Whoa, Tim! HOW DID YOU DO THAT???" "Well you know...I like to keep it spiffy."
~ησω gσιηg вα¢к тσ ρяєѕєηт тιмє~

They both were now at the pit stop, they stopped for some coffee and fish dogs and watched people race down the slopes, they both shared their ideas of what it would be like inside, "I think it will be FREEZING!" Tim said, "I might need a jacket!" Lego laughed at what Tim said. Then Lego said, "I'm not really sure what it will be like, I'm just hoping Herbert is actually sleeping, if he isn't he wont be very happy." "What about Klutzy! Crabs don't hibernate! What will happen if he is awake! He might wake Herbert up!" "Klutzy does everything Herbert does, I bet he will sleep too." Lego said.
They both trekked up to the cave where they had found the Yeti Necklace, this time it had caution tape around it and said "EPF Only" They both entered into it. They spotted the Comm tower, "I got this!" Tim said. "Umm, no.. You got the icicles, now its my turn." Lego was able to get the tower up and running in less then 10 seconds, and also managed to make Tim's mouth hit the ground. Lego cleaned his flippers off and said "All in a days work." Tim took out his radio "G, Comm. Tower back on line, Over." G responded back "Great work agents! Please stand by for a message from the director, Over and Out." The director messaged both Lego and Tim saying the following: "ORDERS: We have a very narrow opportunity. We need a you sneak past Herbert's security system and capture him before he wakes up. To ensure security, there will be no further messages. We are radio silent. Be resourceful. Be remarkable. Be ready."
Tim and Lego walked into Herbert's first security system room very casually. Lego stopped for a moment to put on his helmet that G had made. He looked up and saw bunny strapped onto the back of his EPF jacket, with G's helmet dangling on his little fluffy head. Tim was going straight into red hot laser beams! "TIM, NO!" Lego shouted. In the blink of the eye Lego transformed into a water ninja, and with mystical powers he blew ice out of his hands which formed a small slope, right over the laser beam. He took out his sled, ran for a few feet, then jumped up into the air, placing the sled underneath him. He grabbed Tim and sledded right over the first laser beam. Tim's mouth once again fell to the floor. "You know," Lego said, "You're not the only one who likes to keep it spiffy." with a big smirk on his face. Lego grabbed the helmet off of Bunny's head and placed it on Tim's head. Playfully hitting his arm, he said "You might wanna try keeping that helmet on" "You know, Lego, I was just seeing if you were paying attention. Psh." "Oh of course," Andy said with a wink, "We'll go with that."
 After coming through two more rooms of laser beams, They came to a locked door. "Oh well isn't this great," Lego said, "We just risked our lives for a locked door." "Wait one minute..." Tim replied "I might just know what to do..." Tim took out a small device from his pocket and said "Metal detector; Shows any item that is medal in a 200 feet radius." "Woah, dude!" Lego said, "Where did you get that?!?" "I got it in a kids meal in the Pizza Parlor..." He said with a very embarrassed look on his face. All Lego could say was "LOL." "Ok, ok, don't judge, Lego. This small toy might be able to save Club Penguin island from being destroyed by Herbert" He clicked a few buttons then we heard a small beeping sound and Tim immediately said "This way" Every step we took the beeping got faster and faster until it ended with a "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" They looked down and saw a small black and red key sitting on the icy floor.
 "Ooooh snap you just got burned Lego!" "Yeah, yeah, you were right I was wrong; now let's get back to the door." Lego said making no eye contact at Tim, knowing how red his face was of embarrassment. They got back to the door and put the key in. Tim put the key into the lock and turned it slowly. He looked at Lego and said "This is it, no turning back." "Ok...we can do this" He opened the door just a crack and listened. He could hear loud snoring. "Ok, Herbert is sleeping," Tim whispered. "Our time is now." They tip toed in and saw Herbert sleeping on a chair and Klutzy sleeping right next to him. They got a few feet in and suddenly heard a crunch sound. Lego looked down and saw he just stepped on a bad of potato chips. "Whoop-" But before Lego could finish his sentence, Klutzy's eyes sprang open and did a small motion with his claw. A moment later a boatload of crabs starting coming straight toward Tim and Lego. They both screamed and Herbert woke up and looked around. "Klutzy, how many times have I told you to not have parties while I slee- Wait...What are these Edible Polar-bear Food doing here?!? Grrr..." Herbert sprang out of his chair and started racing after Tim and Lego with the crabs.
 They raced out of the security system rooms, ran out of the mysterious viking ship room, and then starting going up the hill to the great sled race. "Man....those guys....don't give up" Tim said, taking breaths between each sentence. "Yeah...I know...right?" Lego said. A few sledders saw Lego, Tim, Herbert, and about a million crabs coming up the hill. They went down the sled race hill as fast as cheetahs. Before Tim and Lego could grab a sled and go down too, The crabs and Herbert already got Tim and Lego trapped on the edge of the mountain. "Well, well, well...Look who it is. The best of the best EPF Agents, trapped on the side of the mountain by a bunch of crabs and a polar bear. I knew all those crabs from the adventure party would help me someday! I told Klutzy I brought them home so he would have some friends, but I brought them home so they would help me DESTROY THE EPF! So what will it be? Fall to your deaths or join my army and destroy the island of Club Penguin! BWAHAHAHAHA" When Herbert was laughing Tim and Lego saw all the crab's eye's widen. They looked backwards and out of no where the Jet Pack Guy comes and sped right into Tim and Lego, grabbing onto their flippers! "Need a lift?" He said smoothly. Tim and Lego both grinned at each other and saw Rookie flying with his propeller cap holding a rope that connected to a big glass box. In his other hand Rookie was holding onto his hat and holding a spy phone in his hand. "G where do I put this?!?" Rookie screamed into the phone. "Here? There? Woah Woah I'm gunna fall!!!!" Rookie let go of the glass box to hold onto his propeller cap better and it fell perfectly onto Herbert!
 "Wow..." The Jet Pack Guy said, "The only reason we caught Herbert is because of you two luring him outside, Rookie being a goofball and dropping the box when he wasn't supposed to, and Herbert laughing to hard to realized what was happening. If you ask me Herbert could be in in another EPF - Epic Polar bear Fail. Thank you so much for your hard work agents Tim and Lego, we couldn't of captured him without you. He will soon fall asleep outside because it's very cold, then we will go get him. It's been a long day for you guys, you must be tired. I'll fly you guys to your dorm.

That night, when Tim was cuddling with bunny in the lower bunk and Lego was thinking to himself on the top bunk, Lego said "You know Tim...It's been a little bit more than a year since we joined the EPF, helped solved mysteries, and much more...All of this stuff is crazy. But you know? Life would be just so boring without it..." "Yeah, It would be very boring," Tim said, "But that's just it, we're two crazy best friends!" "Yup, we are, and always will be. I think this is gunna be a another fun year, Tim." "I don't think that Andy; I know it will be."
"Good-night, Tim"
"Good-night, Lego"
I hope you enjoyed adventure 9! Tim and Lego finally Trapped Herbert once and for all! Club Penguin is finally safe from him, but there was one downfall; the crab Klutzy had escaped...

To be continued....?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Been a Year: What's next?

Hey guys! Lego here. It's been over ONE YEAR since we started "The Super Awesome Spiffy Adventures of...Tim and Lego!".  We've gotten to do some pretty cool stuff over the past year, and here are some of my favorites:

- The Curse of the Yeti Necklace!
- A Spiffmas Carol!
- Tim's Shorts!
-The Mystery of the Golden Guitar!
-The Story of the Blue Carps
-And much, much more! :D
 So usually, blogs start going downhill after a year or two. Not this time! Here are some of our events planned for the next upcoming year:

-A weekly adventure with Tim and I! That's right! WEEKLY! WOOT WOOT!!!!
-A few Adventure Specials!
-And much, more spiffy fun that will be kept a secret for now :D

Wait...Did someone say PARTIES? Yes! :D Our 1 Year Anniversary AND 3,000 hits party will be soon! :D Time and Date to be announced.

Also, CPSA is getting revamped with lots of cool buttons! They will be up soon.

I can tell this year is gunna be epic ;-)

Keep it SPIFFY!

~Lego :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vote for us!

Hey Guys! Me and Lego entered into a contest and we ned YOUR help! We need you to visit THIS LINK and vote for us in the catorgories we are in! If you can, it would be a great help to us! This is just the thing we've been waiting for, and we want the people to know that we are here, and that we can someday becasue great and famous :) Thanks guys! We wil tel you the results this Saturday!
~Tim250, CP Adventure Staff

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tim Short only for Spiffy Magazine

Hey guys! Well you all know the Spiffy Magazine right? Well I have my own section in it "Timmay's Corner" and in this weeks issue I made one of my "Tim's Shorts" just for it! Your going to want to see it because it might be the beginning of a great ending for a certain polar bear... *wink wink* The link? CLICK HERE (and if you cannot open up the Spiffy Magazine, CLICK HERE)

p.s. If you liked my Tim Short vote for me on the poll on the left side of the mag ;)

Me and Lego are working on a new adventure for this party, and it will be a good one...

-Tim250, CP Adventure Staff

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tim Short's 4: What feeling?

***α ησтє ƒяσм Tιм: ιƒ уσυ нανє ησт єχρєяιєη¢є∂ ρσєтι¢ ρσѕт тнιѕ ¢αη вє уσυя ƒιяѕт тιмє, ιƒ уσυ ∂ση'т ¢αяє ƒσя тнєм уσυ ∂σ ησт нανє тσ яєα∂ тнιѕ. It's short and sweet, My favorite.**

Do you ever get that feeling?

The one that makes you feel strange,

It feels like something weird in your stomach, like its all dis-arranged

Well I've been getting that feeling, I'm really not nervous inside.

I don't understand why, I guess I can be a little shy.

Don't ask me what it could be, maybe I need to be set free...

"Set free like a bird?" "Yes! Here, I'll make a good simile!"

I feel like I'm a bird, who's doesn't spread his wings.

He has them there, and all prepared, but when told to fly, he clings.

Maybe that's just it, I need to be let go,

Float sky high, give a big deep sigh

And just let go with the flow.

I think I'm ready to go, but not at this time.

Fly away from this cold island, and get away from this rhyme.

I think I'll have to cut this post short for I'm out of time

And not to forget....I think I ran out of rhymes.

~Goodbye Guys, I'm going on a Disney Vacation, have a relaxing two weeks without me :)

-Keep it spiffy while I'm gone, ya here?

Your Friend, Tim250, CP Adventure Staff

(for another psot like this click here)

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