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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tim short's 3: The Tape

DING DONG! The door bell rang "Hey Tim!" Lego said, "Mails here!" Tim said with an annoyed look on his face, "I don't get why I'm always in charge of getting the mail when your right next to the door watching TV!" "I'm lazy! What else can I say?" Lego said. "I'll get the mail." Tim said with a smirk. He went outside and found a package on the step, with a coffee in one hand he bent down and got the package. "Here, its your turn to do something. Open it." Tim said as he threw it on Lego's lap. Lego tore it open to see it was an old video tape, it looked a little scratched but still able to be played. "Hey Tim!" Lego called. "I think we got old man Penguin's mail again!"
Tim walked over to see what it was. "Wow, just because it looks old doesn't mean it belongs to an old man." They both paused. "So..." Lego said,"Aren't you going to put it in?"

Tim went over to the TV and popped the tape in. "Wheres the remote?" Tim asked. "Over there." Lego said pointing to the other side of the room. "I don't want to go get it." "Well I don't either." "Then lets go get it together." Lego got up from the couch and Tim went with him to the other side of the room. They both pushed the play button and sat down to see the tape:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank You Spiffy Magizine!

Hey-o! Tim here, and we would like to say thank you to our friend-Slider94. Thanks for allowing us to be in this weeks issue, Issue 7. For all of those who haven't gotten the chance to see it, check it out! He has exclusive interviews with us and others. He also has some sneak peeks of the adventure "MOVIE" coming out soon! This is sure a good issue this week! And Also check out my little page filling in for witty: "Timmay's Corner"

Lego and myself both hope you like "The Story of the Blue Carp" special, and that you have a great time at one of my favortie penguin parties "The Island Adventure" Party! Talk to you soon guys! And if you didn't get the link to the magizine CLICK HERE or if you would like to go to spiffy brothers studios website click: SPIFFY

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adventure Special: The Story of the Blue Carp

*α ησтє ƒяσм тнє αυтнσяѕ - тнιѕ ѕтσяу тαкєѕ ρℓαcє dυяιηg тιмєѕ вєƒσяє тιм, ℓєgσ, σя αηу σтнєя ѕρ郃у αdνєηтυяєя. ωє αяє ησт ρℓαуιηg "συяѕєℓνєѕ" dυяιηg тнιѕ. уσυ αяє ησω нєα∂ιηg ιηтσ тнє тιмєѕ σƒ ιηdιαηѕ ιη тнє 1600'ѕ...*

Little balls of light were layering into the navy blue sky like they do every night. Silhouettes could be seen from inside a large canvas tent from the flicker of a small candle...

"These are tough times right now...our armies are decreasing by the day - by both the famine and the horrible red hawks." Said the very anxious Blue Carp Leader, Cheif Blue Beak. "Sir?" Said the Blue Carp Administrator, "We could always ask people for help and advice..." The Blue Beak came over to the Administrator's poorly designed wood desk and slammed a small knife into the desk and screamed "LIKE WHO?!" The Administrator shrinked back in and feared and whispered ever so lightly "Maybe Bluebla-" "BLUEBLADE? HA! That old man is as dumb as a squirrel!" A young boy from the back of all the people in the tent screamed "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! He's much more smarter than you'll EVER be!" Everyone gasped. Blue Beak did a little signal with his hands and the guards knew that meant to drag out the young boy. They threw him out the canvas door and one guard said "Keep quiet next time! Maybe you'll be let back into the meetings."

The boy fell face first into dirt. His name was Drew Dreamcatcher and he was 13 years old. When he was younger, kids picked on him a lot for being different. He had 1 lazy eye and his shoulder has been injured ever since he's been a baby so he walks funny. One day when he was 7, other kids pushed him to the ground and he couldn't get up. They were throwing big rocks and sticks at him A mysterious man saw this happening and couldn't help but to help the poor, innocent child. He went up to the bullies and said "How could you do this to such a young boy like yourselves. You should feel ashamed." He picked up the severely injured boy and took him to his home.

The man put the child onto a small woven mat and brought out little bottles of herbs and small essences that Drew had never seen before. The man saw that Drew had a lot of scratches which would heal but one large dent into his rib cage which he knew would need treatment. Drew watched intently as the man healed the gash in his rib cage. He first put on a oil that sort of stung but made him feel really warm inside. Then some herbs and some more oils. "Your injury should be healed in 4 days. I suggest you rest up" Drew couldn't believe what happened. 5 minutes ago he was dieing with pain...but now he's fine. He took a look around the man's house. It was a large rock in a small cavern with lots of different odds and ends that he's never layed eyes on before. He eagerly asked "Sir, what's your na-" "Blueblade," He said, "George Blueblade." "Well...thank you Blueblade for fixing me...I just don't understand how you did it..." "It takes years of practice to master the talent of medicine work, very hard to explain." "Well...what do you do? I never see you around the town." Drew asked "I used to be in the Blue Carp Army" Blueblade explained, "They kicked me out saying I was useless to them. Now I just fish for food and walk around in the forest and live here." "Useless? You could help them out big time by healing the soldiers!" "It was quite a long time ago when they told me I was useless...I wasn't as good as healing as I am today...they said they never wanted to see me in the army again."

We are now back to when Drew is 13 - 6 years after the injury Blueblade healed.

Drew felt so mad that the Blue Beak thinks Blueblade is just a helpless old man. He sat at the end of the beach and looked at the ocean. He could see the glow of the Red Hawk's fire base on the other side of the ocean. He knew soon they'd attack - he could feel it. Drew knew he could only turn to one person at a time like this - Blueblade.

He swam through the cavern and climbed up onto the stone Blueblade called home. He could see Blueblade was meditating on the mat where Drew was once dieing in pain. "Blueblade?" At once the old man opened his eyes. "Oh, hello, Drew. What do you need?" "I want to talk about the future...With you know...the Red Hawks...soon they will attack and try to take our land...It seems like they might succeed since our warrior count is very low..." "Yes, yes." Blueblade said "Soon they will attack...There's a very small chance we will defeat them...But there's one thing we can do to overpower them..." "What? Tell me, I'll do anything." Blueblade turned around and brought out a little box. "Water, Air, Fire," Blueblade said "The triangle of elements. I've managed to put in this box the Water of Life and the Air of Solitude. There is only one thing left before the box is complete - The Fire of Shadows." Drew couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Where do I find this Fire of Shadows and what will it do for me when I get all 3 elements?" Blueblade explained "The only way to find this type of fire is in the Volcano of Death which is in Fire Hawk territory. When you have all 3 elements in the box, shake the box up and down on your territory...you and your territory will be victorious." "Wow..." Drew said "Can we go get the fire?" Blueblade didn't say anything for awhile. He kept his eyes closed for a lnog time and finally said "I will take you to the land of the Red Hawks, but you will have to go on the adventure without me. I'm too old to be going into the Volcano of Death. I will row you there on my boat tonight."

Drew and Blueblade rowed to the side of the Island so no one would see them. Drew put the box of elements into his side pocket. "I'll wait here while you go get the Fire, Drew. Please...be careful" And then Drew went off into Red Hawk territory. Drew was hiding behind bushes and could hear small talk between the guards. without looking, he accidentally stepped on a rock and let out a cry and fell to the ground. The guards immediately heard and took Drew's arms and were going to go throw him into the volcano. When they were taking drew up the path to the volcano The guards heard a whistle and someone behind them say "Hello, boys!" Drew knew it was Blueblade. The guards ran back and completely forgot about Drew. They went down to try to get Blueblade but when they took a step toward them he blasted out water from his hands toward them! They fell onto hard rock but immediately sprang up and took knives out of their pockets. Blueblade turned around and yelled to Drew "RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!" Drew jumped into the water and starting swimming back to the Blue Carp Base. He turned around and saw Blueblade turn back around to the Fire Soldiers. The one threw the knife and it stabbed Blueblade into the chest. He stumbled back a little and fell back into the water. Blueblade...was dead. Drew screamed in horror "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Drew swam back to his base and layed facedown on the shoreline and started crying. His only friend was dead.

Drew then remembered how Blueblade shot water out of his hands. He's read a lot of history and he knew that could only mean one thing - Blueblade was part fish. A few minutes later huge balls of fire were flying into the sky and making big splashes into the ocean, then making steam. All the Blue Carp townspeople came out to see what the commotion was. When they saw what has happened they knew it could only mean one thing - the war for territory starts tomorrow.

The Red Hawks were getting ready for the battle, practicing their shooting, sharpening their knives, they were ready for all out war. The Blue Carps did the same. Both tribes put their face paint on. Chief Red Feather, the leader of the Red Hawks called his tribe together. "We are fighting to gain our land once and for all from those pesky Blue Carps!" "Any questions before we fight?" He asked. "Yes!" A tribe member yelled. "Who will fight whom?" Chief Red Feather said to the red hawk member, "All of you attack the Blue Carp soldiers. I will get the chief. NOW, MOVE OUT!" "YES SIR!" They all said. Red Feather said quietly to himself, "The Blue Carp will have nothing against our forces, this will be an easy task."

While back at the Blue Carps camp, they were practicing their tactics of winning the war. "Yes! You will be over to the right! We will make a straight line heading right towards them!" Chief Blue Beak said. At that moment Blue Beak knew this would be the perfect plan to succeed. "Sir? What if the Red Hawks figure out a way to get passed our line?" A soldier said. "NONSENSE! WITH THIS PLAN ALL WE CAN DO IS WIN! There is no way to stop us!"

With both teams having their plans of the attack, they all deserved a good nights rest. Both tribes had a good sleep, being ready for the battling day ahead.

With light peering over the mountains, both tribes were awaken. Horns sounded off, the signal of war about to happen. Both tribes met in the middle of the forest. "Bring it on! I've been waiting for this day. Haha!" Red Feather said. "The day you lose?" Blue Beak said with a smirk on his face. All of the Blue Carps laughed. "THAT'S IT BLUE BUTT! ITS TIME TO FIGHT!" Red Feather said. Red feather yelled to his troops "CHARGE!" Blue Beak yelled "FORMATION-" they all got into their line, then he shouted, "ONWARD!"

Fire, sticks with arrowheads, snowballs, arrows. All of these were flying all around. by the looks of it it seemed that the Red Hawks tactics were winning. The worst that could happen, happened. The Red Hawks found a way to go around the line! Both chiefs were fighting and taunting each other while doing it. "IS THIS ALL YOU'VE GOT?" Red Feather said. "Why? you want to learn my moves? Hah." "No never! Because look at your army." He showed Blue Beak. He saw half of his men, dead on the ground, and looked far in the distance to see his village being attacked. "No...This can't be!" "Looks like your about to lose your land, bucko." Red Feather said. Blue Beak sighed, "A soldier never gives up - even if it means death..."

Drew knew while the two tribes were fighting no Red Hawk soldier would be at the volcano protecting it. Now was his chance. He went to the side of the island with Blueblade's old canoe and box of elements and rowed to the Red Hawk base. He faced the volcano and realized he had no time to spare. There had to be a thousand steps on the path to get to the top of the volcano. He ran the whole way up without stopping for a breath. Drew had a feeling the box of elements would be indestructible so when he got to the tip top of the volcano he put the box partially into the lava and got a portion of the hot Fire of Shadows. He ran back down the volcano, skipping a few steps, and rowed back to Blue Carp Territory

When he got to the battlefield, he saw many dead bodies of Blue Carp soldiers on the ground. There were still some Blue Carp soldiers fighting, but not near as many as the Red Hawk soldiers. He knew what he had to do. He shook the box of the 3 elements 10 times up and down. He stood there, not moving a muscle, but nothing happened. He fell to the ground with tears in his eyes. Suddenly, the ground started rumbling. He stood up and saw an unusual large wave coming toward the island. This wasn't any ordinary wave, He looked closer and couldn't believe what he saw. Coming out of the water was a large line of water spirits. These spirits were all the Blue Carp soldiers who have once died. The army line was lead by the one and only George Blueblade. Immediately all the soldiers on the battle field were healed and ready to fight again.

Together, the soldiers and water spirit soldiers fought off every Red Hawk soldier. During the last few minutes of the fight, Blue Beak got the Red Feather Trapped onto the side of a cliff. "Well, well, well...Look who we have here? The 'most powerful' soldier ever, Red Feather." Blue beak said in a sarcastic tone. "Look I think we can work something out Blue Beak...heh..." "Oh it's too late for that," Blue Beak answered, "It's been too late for that for a looong time." In a blink of an eye, Blue Beak shoved Red Feather off the cliff. Below the cliff, there was a giant whale wandering for food. When he saw Red Feather fall, he got an evil look on his face and gulped Red Feather down in one bite.

The Red Hawk tribe was completely gone, 100%. Celebration could be heard miles away from other tribes. All of a sudden there was a gasp from everyone. Blue Beak turned around and saw the water spirit of Blue Blade. "George...I'm sorry..." Blue Beak said "I should of never retired you from the army, you were a great person to have around." There was a long silence. "Apology accepted!" Blue blade said. Immediately all the Blue Carp water spirits turned back into their regular, penguin selves, and everyone celebrated! Blueblade got onto a large rock and said "Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement!" The crowd quieted down. "The water spirits and I only came because we were summoned by one certain person. Without this person, The Blue Carp tribe would be dead right now. The one and only Drew Dreamcatcher got the last element, which was the Fire of Shadows!" Everyone cheered and clapped for Drew and they celebrated for days.

The Blue Carps were victorious. :)
The End.

A note from the authors-Hey guys sorry there were no pictures in this adventure, but thier soon will be a some sort of moving picture coming soon... hmm, I wonder.. Well, Thanks for reading guys. Andy and myself both worked on this together, and we hoped you liked it. Have a fun time at the adventure party!

~The CP Adventure Staff (Legoboy612, and Tim250)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Main Cast Dress Code

Hey guys! Lego here again with the main cast dress code!

I'm Blueblade, so Lego, please remember to wear this! xD
Drew Dreamcatcher: Cam, please remember to wear this outfit on the day we are filming:
Red Feather: Tim, please remember to wear this outfit on the day we are filming:
Blue Beak: Slider, please remember to wear this on the day of the filming:
And last but not least, Blue Carp Administrator: Hedge, please remember to wear this on the day of the filming:
That's all of the main role's dress code! If you are a soldier, please look at the cast list and match up what outfit you should wear. If you have any questions about outfits please contact me on xat! Thanks to Slider94 for writing the script for the movie based off the adventure Tim and I wrote! Filming and pics will begin sometime next week!

Keep it spiffy,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventure 8 Cast and Dress Code!

Hello everyone! Lego here with some great news! I am proud to announce that that cast for Adventure 8 is COMPLETELY filled! Here is our biggest cast EVER:
(Click the picture to see it larger)

Now, here is the dress code for each Tribe:
Red Hawks:
Blue Carp:
 Hmmm... I wonder what this W.S. is....Well you'll just have to wait and see! ;)
That's it for now! I will post a time and place to shoot later on this week! Keep it spiffy!

~Andy :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Special: ACTORS WANTED

Hello guys! This adventure is going to be REALLY BIG! And that means we need YOU! Thats right! We need atleast 6 of you, as of now to help us out with our big summer special! As you know we like to have brave people come and join us in adventures! This will be the most people we've ever needed! If you do not know what you need to do when you "join" click the "ACTORS WANTED" page off on the left sidebar. Or click here
We will need people to help us out in these spots (this will be secret and no names of things in the adventure will be shown. The astricts are acting as letters, im not cussing you out or anything. . . **NOTE** NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE IN IT WILL BE POSTED)
*** *** *********- Legoboy612
**** *** - CammyCam09
blah blah blah (:
***** *** *******-Tim250
***** ****** - Spoil Pink
3)***** ******-
4)***** ****** - could this be YOU? yeah, you the one who is reading this.
In order to play these tree parts you must have what is shown (or atleast the color belt):

(red face paint [face item], red ninja belt [body item])
blah blah blah :)
*** ***** ******-Slider94
***** ****** 1-Spudling 6)***** ****** 2-Could this be you?
7)***** ****** 3- Could this be you?
In order to play these tree parts you must have what is shown (or atleast the color belt): (blue face paint [face item], blue ninja belt [body item])
**NOTE** If you do not have ANY of these items you may change what you look like in the adventure. ONLY if you do not have these items. **END NOTE**
Okay! Thanks guys! And LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE IN IT! AS YOU SEE... WE NEED ALOT OF YOU! **more spots may be added, results may varry**

please tell us what spot you would like to be by saying: "Can I be (then the number that is next to the secret characters)" You may not get the part you want since there is a minimum number of spots, sorry, no exceptions. YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS POST! NO OTHER TO BE IN THIS ADVENTURE

-The CP Adventure Staff :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sneek Peek of Adventure 8...

Hello Everyone! I managed to get you guys a picture of my FIRST draft of Adventure 8! Here you go...
Who is this "Blueblade"? and what is a "Blue carp"?
You'll just have to wait and see ;)


(To see the picture bigger click the picture!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Special: SNEAK PEEK

Hello guys! Tim heRE, and i'm glaD to tell you all that Lego and myself are making a summer specail! Much like the spiffmas carol we are going to make a huge adventure for, you guessed it... the adventure party!!! We have alot to work with and already have ideas in our HeAds! Also With the help of our great King of the Spiffies, Slider94 will help us make this adventure into a movie! The spiffy brother studios will help us make this into a movie! This will be a very awesome adventure! i can tell you that! With drama, action, and of course YOU GUYS! We will need alot of you to help us with this adventure! This will be great!

-Tim250, CP Adventure staff
(And guys try to de-code what the letters in caps say to find out something in the adventure, names and the beginning of sentences don't count. hehe)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adventure 7: Jobs

The sound of the alarm clock woke up both Tim and Lego. But gladly this time it wasn't there spy phones. Herbert had been defeated (As of now)! "Woah, it feels good to sleep in late!" Tim said. "Yeah I know! So, what are we going to do for now, since the EPF is on break?" Lego said while taking a bite of his fish bagel. "Well while I was waddling around I saw in both the Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlor windows "HELP WANTED"." Tim said. "Hey! I wouldn't mind trying out for a job!" Lego said with excitement. "Same! Come on! Lets go!"

Lego and Tim made there way to the coffee shop one by one to see if this could be where they could have their soon to be new jobs. The coffee shop was PACKED with people, people getting donuts, coffee, and tea. Tim yelled over the crowd to Lego, "I think I found the manager!" Lego was distracted by a small party going on over in the corner. Tim walked over impatiently to find Slider94 and Creamsicle Frostbite drinking coffee with each other. "Umm, Lego..." "Yeah Tim?" "That's the guy that sent us in that weird application." "Who, Slider?" Lego asked. "NO! CREAMSICLE FROSTBITE!" Tim yelled. "Did someone say my name?" Creamsicle said with a smirk on his face. "RUN LEGO!" Tim whispered to Lego. As they went to find the manager.

"EXCUSE ME, MS. MANAGER?" Lego said. "MRS. I AM MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, HE IS MY STALKER, HIS NAME IS NICK!" This Manager said. "Well, we were wondering if we could have a job here, Mrs..," Lego looked at her name tag, "Penny!" "Yeah, yeah. Can you pour drinks?" "Yeah! Of course we can! How hard can that be?" Tim said. "Well okay. You two are hired!" Lego and Tim both turned to each other to cheer, "Woot!" "Ok here are your aprons!" She said. "EXCUSE ME! WAITER? Can I have some coffee?"A penguin said. "Sure,dark or light?" Tim answered. "Dark" Tim started to pour the coffee. "Hey Tim! look at this! On the TV!" Andy yelled. "ITS THE SLED RACING FINALS! Sweet!" Tim, still pouring the coffee watched, what he didn't know is that the coffee was spilling all over the floor! "SIR!" the penguin yelled. "AHHHH! OUCH!" Tim yelled as the coffee burned his rubbery skin.

(sorry for bad quality)

"WHATS THIS!?" Penny yelled. "OUT OF MY SHOP! NOW!!" She screamed. Tim said to Lego with sadness, "I'm sorry dude, I messed this up for both of us." "It's okay, we'll find another job." Andy said. They both walked out of the coffee shop jobless.

"We can try the Pizza Parlor?" Lego said. "Okay.." Tim said still sad. Once they reached the pizza shop, they could tell who the manager was just by the looks of him. He was wearing a tall chef hat, and a dirty pizza apron from all of the hard work. "Excuse me, Mr. Manager, were looking for a job" Tim said while holding bunny. "Are you now? Well I am in need of chefs, you know how to cook?" The Manager asked "Why yes we do! I make the best pizza on the island!" Lego said. "Its true!" Tim yelled. "Okay then, let me have a taste!" ,the manager said. "Ok Mr. Cam! One fish pizza coming up!" Tim and Lego split up with Lego's orders, Lego sent Tim to go fishing for fish, while he went and got the cheese, dough and his homemade sauce! Yum!

Tim went fishing and caught the biggest gray fish he could get! While Lego went to the market and got all of the other ingredients, once at there dorm, they started cooking! DING! It was done! They made the perfect plate of pizza and handed it to Mr. Cam. Mr. Cam took a bite and with a big "MAMA MIA!" he approved! "Your both hired! With that pizza the Pizza Parlor will be the talk of the town!" He said. "You did it Lego! We have a job!" "We did it you mean." Lego said. This made Tim smile. "So, it looks like we have our jobs until the EPF is back on call." Lego said. "Yeah! and hopefully I won't need to pour anymore coffee!" Tim said. They both laughed.

Both laughing the door slammed open. It was a penguin in a mask "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" He yelled. "THIS IS A ROBBERY! GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY!" "Well, I guess what they say is true, an agents work..." Tim said. "Is never done." Lego said ending his sentence.

As of now Tim and Lego are still part of the EPF, until Herbert returns they will be working at the Pizza shop and as undercover agents catching criminals on the island.

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to follow the Site!

~CP Adventure Staff (P.s. sorry about bad quality in the pictures you see, my computer does not like to be nice to me even though I never did anything bad to it.... I LOVE YOU COMPUTER :) kinda... ~Tim)

Site Updates

Hey guys!!!! Changes have been made to the CP spiffy adventure site! Here are a few new things and some information

1. Comments: Anonymous users are now able to comment like others! So you people out there who don't have a Gmail account can comment your hearts out! We have also made a separate page for comments as well!

2.Calling all actors!: We have added a new Page to the website "Actors Wanted!" this means we are allowing anyone to be in upcoming spiffy adventures! We will fit as many people as we can in any adventure, this means it could be a Tim short as well as a real adventure! You can be a new villain, or the victim, or maybe just someone in the story! This will be fun to see all of you being in the adventures yourselves! So look off to the left at the top of the sidebar and simply click the picture!

Thsoe are the new updates we have at the moment! We might add more later! But for now enjoy our adventures that are present, stay tuned for new adventures coming out sometime this week ;)

Stay Spiffy guys!
~CP adventure Staff

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