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Monday, January 17, 2011

Adventure 5: A day in the Life of an Agent

RING RING!! RING RING!! "Ughh.. Can't a penguin get any sleep around here!?" Lego said as he got up lazily from bed to answer his spy phone. "Hello?" He answered in annoyance. "Legoboy612?" This voice in the phone said. "That's my name..." Lego said half asleep. "Why hello there. This is the director of the EPF." Lego's sleepy and lazy mood changed into utter happiness and awareness. "Oh! Oh! Hi Mr. Director sir!" "Hi.... Well me and G have called on you and your friend Tim250 to help us out. There seems to be a tiny problem." The director said. "How tiny?" Lego asked curiously. "Well... Rookie, you might know him.. went into Gary's lab and saw some robots that Gary had recently found out in the forest..and well... turned them on." The director said. "And...?" Lego asked. "Well they were robots that lets just say.. don't like us.
"Oh.... so let me get this right. You and Gary have invited me and Tim to come help you find these evil robots that Rookie turned on by accident?" Lego said. "Well when you put it that way, you make it sound worse then it is." The director said. "Haha, yeah..... So when do you want us to come in?" Lego said. "Is now a good time?" The director asked. "Well its 1am in the morning... Why did you call this early anyway?" Lego said. "Well don't forget were supposed to help the penguins without being scene its better for us to do this at this time of night then right in the middle of the day." "True." Lego said. "But can't it wait another.." Lego was interrupted as he was teleported to the Everyday Phoning Facility. There he stood in front of a phone booth next to him his friend Tim. "OMG! TIMMAY!!" He shouted. "ANDY!!!!" Tim shouted back. Both of them stood in front of this phone booth that then changed into a Television saying:

So we stood there and in front of us flashed in.. you guessed it. The director of the Elite Penguin Force. "Hey there guys. Glad you could make it." "Its th....th...the director." Tim said. "Haha, yes. But I'm not alone." Right at that moment a pillar holding up the building moved upward making a secret elevator appear. The elevator door slid down to revel the genius behind the technology of the EPF, Gary the gadget guy. "Greeting fellow Penguins." "GARY!!!!! I'VE ONLY SCENE YOU AT THE HALLOWEEN PARTY!" Lego screamed."Haha, I think I remember you.. you were the one who grabbed onto my leg and wouldn't let go.." Gary said. "Heh." Lego laughed embarrassed. "So you are aware of the situation with Rookie letting out the robots?" "Yes." Tim answered. "Great! So here is the map of were we think they are would be hiding...

"Aha! so it seems like we need to take a path way trough the forest!" Tim shouted. "Precisely Agent!" Gary commented. "Well you better get going." the director said. "Yeah Tim! Lets go whoop some robot butt!" Lego shouted with excitment. "But agents before you go, we have invited a specail agent to help you on this journey, would you mind stepping outside?" The director said. "Sure!" Tim and Lego said at the same time. Lego and Tim walked outside to look up into the stars in the sky. "Hey Tim. Whats that?" Lego said. "I don't know... shooting star?" Tim answered. "Uh Tim.. I don't think thats a star....." Lego whispered. "Oh...." Tim whispered back. CRASH! "Bonjour Obama Minions!" this voice said. "HEDGE!?" Tim shouted. "DR. HOG!?" Lego also said. "That's my name." Hedge said. "Ok agents. Head out! And don't forget about the map!"Gary said to them. "Thanks Gary!" They all said.

"Ok guys. Here's what we have to do, I'll head out behind the town. Lego you take the forest. And Tim check behind the Plaza." Hedge said. "YES SIR!" Lego said. "Ahem.." Hedge said angry. "YES...Mam?" Lego said unsure. "Better. now move out! Take your spy phones and be ready if you get a call." Hedge also added. "Ok! Lets go!" Tim yelled. And so they broke off into three groups. Hedge went behind the night club, searching for clues, she was able to see something over happening at the EPF headquarters. "Hold on guys. I'm going to check over around the Ski Village." Hedge said through her spy phone. Meanwhile Lego was checking in the forest, "BEEP BEEP. MUST DESTROY EPF. BEEP BEEP." "GUYS! GUYS!!" Lego whispered into his spy phone. "ROBOT FOUND! ROBOT FOUND! HES HIDDEN WAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST! SEND IN BACKUP!" Lego said. "Teleport me there Lego! NOW!" Tim shouted.

"BEEP BEEP. MUST DESTROY. BEEP BEEP." "QUICK LEGO! WE NEED TO THINK OF A PLAN! AND FAST!" Tim said. "I GOT AN IDEA! HAND ME BUNNY!" Lego shouted to Tim. "But but... bunny.." Tim said sadly. "TRUST ME BRO!" Lego said while looking at Tim. "EPF AGENTS FOUND! LAZER VISION ACTIVATING." The robot said. "Uhh..... LEGO.. PLANNING ON DOING ANYTHING WITH MY BUNNY?!" Tim said. "Yeah... but we need to bring what we've learned from our past adventures to defeat him." Lego said. "Ok Lego... But if we don't make it.. I just want to let you know that your a great friend..." Tim said. "You too buddy." Lego said. "LETS KICK SOME ROBOT BUTT!" Tim shouted. "LAZERS SETTING OFF IN 10..9.." Andy put on a ninja mask and threw the bunny in the air, the ears turned into blades cutting some of the robots circuits. "YOU PESKY PENGUINS! THIS IS A FINE PIECE OF MACHINERY. NOT A TOY TO MESS WITH!" Came a voice out of the robot. "WAIT LEGO!KNOW THAT VOICE! IS THAT.... HERBERT!?" Tim exclaimed. "Haha, so you found it is was me huh? Well i have inhanced this robot with more types of guns and lazers to BLOW YOU PENGUINS TO BITS! ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL WARM OVER THAT SIDE OF THE ISLAND. BWHAHAHA!" Herbert said. "Inhancing Motion bomb." The robot said. "OH NO!" Both Tim and Lego shouted. "Don't forget what we learned from our adventures, we helped Sensei! We're ninjas!" Lego said. "NINJAS! THATS IT! LEGO! QUICK! BEND THE WATER TO COOL THE ROBOT DOWN! IN THE GAME OF CARD JITSU WATER ALWAYS BEATS FIRE!"

So, both Tim and Lego used the power of water to overcome to robot. And the robot went down. "PHEW!" Tim said. "WE DID IT!" Lego shouted in excitment. "Uhh Guys. sorry to ruin the moment but there's something happening over at the ski village, and lets just say.. There's an unhappy polar bear." Hedge said through her phone. "I'm on it." Tim said. "DUDE! BE CAREFUL!" Lego said. "Oh I will." Tim said as he teleported himself to the ski village.

Hedge was hidden behind the everyday phoning facility in terror. "Ok Hedge I need the facts." "Well did you know that a giraffe's neck only has 7 bones? Most people think its 21 but it's really 7." Hedge said. "No, I didn't. BUT IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THOSE KIND OF FACTS! IM SAYING ON HERBERT!" Tim shouted. "Gosh, Mr. Bossy. Well he's still trying that 'blow up the ski lodge' plan. Take a look yourself." Hedge said. Tim looked around the building to find that herbert had a button in his hand and the ski lodge was about to blow. "Hedge. I have a plan. I need you to go in the ski lodge, and take that bomb out." Tim said. "ME? GO IN THE BUILDING THAT'S ABOUT TO BLOW UP? I DON'T THINK SO!" Hedge said. "Hedge, you'll be fine, you have to trust me. And if this doesn't work out, this will be our finest hour. This is all in a day in the life of an agent." Tim said inspirationallay. "Ok. I'll do it." Hedge said. Right at that moment Tim jumped out from behind the building. "STOP RIGHT THERE HERBERT!" "Well, well, well, isn't it my favorite little penguin Tim250.. Don't you have another fight you can LOOSE someplace else." Herbert said. "Oh! Good one. NOT!" Tim said. "Your too late. This plan is about to 'blow up' in your face after I push this butto... Where did the button go?" Herbert said. "Oh, you mean.. this button?" Tim said as he showed Herbert the button in his hands. "But... you... and..." Herbert said. "Well... yeah, you see Herbert. Good always concurs evil, just as water concurs fire. So I just have a couple of things to tell you before you go for your little 'flight'" "Flight?" Herbert said in confusion. "HEY! I'LL BE ASKING THE QUESTIONS HERE! I just want to let you know that the next time you try to destroy something of Club Penguin, your going to need to go through the EPF first. So i only have one other thing to say, and that is... Goodbye!" Tim said. "Good bye?"

So Tim sent Herbert 'flying sky high'. Tim, Lego and Hedge all were rewarded with medals, and good beat evil. So all together it was a happy ending, and nobody on the island knew anything about it becasue the fights had finished by 5 am in the morning. When Gary asked Lego what he thought of the fight he answered "Umm.. I don't know. Can I go back to bed now?" Gary, Tim, Hedge, and the Director all laughed. They all went back to their igloo's and swore never to tell anyone of what had happened that night. Before Tim left, the director pulled Tim over at the end of it all and said "Thank you very much agent, for standing up to Herbert and showing bravery. On behalf on the whole island we thank you." Tim responded to him by saying "It was no problem, Its all a day in the life of an agent."

The End


Hey everyone! Lego here. Tim and I have been talking about adventures we should do, and we both decided we should start out the new year with some BIG. We have decided to make a series of four episodes of super awesome SPIFFY adventure called... SPIFFIANA JONES! :D The Banner is below:
Ok, I'm not trying to confuse anyone, but the 4 episode SERIES will be called Spiffiana Jones, and each episode will be called something different. I'm really excited for this guys....I think these will be our best adventures yet. We will need more people to do parts. (No it won't be a movie like A Spiffmas Carol) If you want to have a part, PC (Private Chat) me whenever I'm online : )     That's it for now!
                        Stay Spiffy! ;D   ~Lego

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Adventures :)

Hey Spiffy Peepz! :P Lego here with a quick announcement! As you probably saw, I was not in our last spiffy adventure: A Spiffmas Carol. HOWEVER, I do have a reason why. My computer has been broke for weeks and I could not get on as much as I wanted to. Because I couldn't get on, someone else had to play my part in the adventure. I would like to thank Xx Kellie Xx for playing my part! She is a very good friend of Tim and I :) Also, there is going to be a new adventure THIS MONTH! ;D Be ready for something Spiffy! :)

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