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Tim Shorts

"What are Tim Shorts?"
Tim Shorts are short stories I have made myself without the help of my fellow penguin Lego, They are made for fun, and enjoyment. They usually may contain clues for or from adventures, so keep an eye out for coded words and extended endings ect.
This page is made just for all of the Tim shorts I've made!  This will now be the place to look whenever a new one is to come out! Enjoy and have a fun time reading what I've wrote :)

Tim Short: Who Rule The Skies? FIRE!
The time has come, Sensei is hosting a Card Jitsu party where Fire can go against water. Lego and myself went onto a server to show that fire is better then water! We rounded up a group of ninjas. From an email I recently got I noticed it said that if there was a big group of us, we could change the sky. Lego questioned if I was right, and the 2 of us showed everyone that we could change the sky. "WE NEED MORE NINJAS!"we yelled. we rounded up enoguh ninjas and headed for the beach.
See that water ninja saying "bye bye"? We scared him away. He put up a good fight but the fire was to strong for him to put out with his water. "Cya next time dude!" I yelled. "Lets go to the dock!" Lego and I agreed.

 At the dock we did the same thing, no water member would come anywhere close to our volcanoes and hot sauce. The skies were once again, bright orange. "Lets aim for something bigger!" Lego said. "TOWN!" he yelled. I repeated saying "THE TOWN!"

While in the town we rounded up the most members yet! We had about 3 or 4 new people join our group, the water tribe tried to make it rain, and they sucecced. "TO THE SNOW FORTS!" I yelled.

The fire team made sure to stay on our side of the Snow Forts. The people on the water side were creaming "WHATS HAPPENING TO THE SKY!" The water team found out our secret. "WATER TRIBE! DO YOUR MOVE!" Water Ninjas danced and made it rain. Sadly Lego needed to leave. It was the rest of our tribe and myself left. "CMON GUYS! WE CAN DO THIS!" I yelled. We gained the sky back!

I was next to leave! I left about 5 minutes later then Lego finishing saying my good byes to all of my new friends. I finished by saying "GO FIRE!!"
TEAM FIRE IS BEST! (well atleast until I finally get my water suit, Only 40% until I have all of the items!)
The island was turned to fire once again, well atleast for now. :)

Tim Shorts: The 13 Days of Horror Halloween Event- Alternate Endings
Day 13: Mr. Parkowitz (Alternate Ending #1)
Day 13: Mr. Parkowitz (Alternate Ending #2)
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Tim Short's 6: Meeting the Captain Himself
~αℓℓ σƒ тнιѕ ιѕ αвѕσℓυтєℓу тяυє, ησт σηє ѕιηgℓє ραят σƒ ιт ιѕ ƒαℓѕє! αη∂ тнαтѕ тнє тяυтн!~
So I waddled on to the server Iceburg just a few days ago, while I wasn't looking at the screen out of the small crowd of people logging into the server popped out one of the great Club Penguin legends, the one, the only, Rockhopper.
"AHOY ME MATEYS! DO YE BE LIKING THE FAIR?" he yelled. It seemed I was the only one excited and I waddled over to him as fast as I could. "I LOVE IT!" I yelled. but something was different about him this time.. He was wearing a Migrator costume! I was the only one who seemed to be moving (besides Rockhopper of course!). He ran to the snow forts, rounding people up, one by one people joined him. "Let us go play a fair game! Puffle Paddle sound good?" He said. At this moment I was so excited I needed to click his player card to make sure it was him!
It was true! He ran to the forest, and I sure followed, with no "Full Room" to stop me now! He sat near the puffle paddle game and shouted "Dang! I be so bad at this game! Arr!" People started to notice him. "Great! A crowd!" I yelled sarcastically. I am known as "Toast" because Tim250 does not show on club penguin! I shouted "ROCKHOPPER! CAN YOU GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO TOAST?" Everything was quiet... "ROCKHOPPER LIKES PIRATES TOAST!" He yelled.
This was when it was getting serious! After saying that, he said "OH NO! YARR BE MISSIN!" He made us all search around. "YARR?! YARR BUDDY? WHERE YE BE?" He told us to search the cove for this fun little red sidekick of his! "Arg! I think I might know where he has gone!"
Once at the iceburg, we all went searching "He always be hidden in these, and he blends in so good!" said Rockhopper. By this time I was changed and ready to rock the fair. I too had my Migrator costume on! "ROCKHOPPER! IS THIS YARR?" I said as I stood in the balls.
"WHY I'LL BE! IT IS YARR!" "THANK YE!" He said as Yarr appeared by his side. It had now been close to 8 minutes from when he logged on. I knew he would need to leave soon! "Rockhopper! Can you tell us a story?!" "Hmm... Why yes! I think I can spare ye a tale!" "Lets go to the cove for the story!" He said. I followed.
I was able to sit right next to him for him to tell the story. "Aye! Well this tale be true!" He said. "I looked off yonder and say the biggest rock I'd ever seen!" I gasped. "It was coming so close to the ship so fast, I wasn't able to turn away! It hit the ship so hard! It left a hole! The water starting gushin' in! I had to clog the hole up fast! Can ye guess what I did?" "YOU USED YARR?" someone yelled. "Nahh! I not be using Yarr!" "A squid!?" "No, no squid!" "A boot? No!" "I used me treasure maps to clog it! Good thing I know how to get her by memory! HAR HAR!" He got up from his spot and by this time a huge crowd had found out about him. "I be needing to set sail! New adventures await!" (NEW CATCH PHRASE FOR ME? COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT ;D ) He got up and said a harty goodbye. He walked to the water with Yarr and disapeared. That day I had seen Rockhopper in a new perspective. That day will always be remembered by me, and hopefully my new pal, Rockhopper!
~New Adventures Await!

Tim Shorts 5: The End of Herbert; extended ending
That night, when Tim was cuddling with bunny in the lower bunk and Lego was thinking to himself on the top bunk, Lego said "You know Tim...It's been a little bit more than a year since we joined the EPF, helped solved mysteries, and much more...All of this stuff is crazy. But you know? Life would be just so boring without it..." "Yeah, It would be very boring," Tim said, "But that's just it, we're two crazy best friends!" "Yup, we are, and always will be. I think this is gunna be a another fun year, Tim." "I don't think that Andy; I know it will be."
"Good-night, Tim"
"Good-night, Lego"

That next morning both reported for duty in the EPF Command Room G and the Director both gave Tim and Lego awards of honor for defeating the enemy of the island. "Lego! We finally did it! Herbert has been put to rest!" At that moment someone played the drums -BA DUM TSHH- Tim then winked at the drummer and said "Thank you! No pun intended." "Agents, we are so proud of you, and in honor of you putting him into hibernation, we are now allowing all agents to see what you've done, now located on the big screen in the Command Room you can now view Herbert as he sleeps. Thank you both for your courage, and thank you for saving the EPF, we now don't have to worry about anymore problems."
"B-b-but.." Lego said silently. "That means we won't have anything to do anymore." "PRECISELY!" G exclaimed, "You are all free to roam in peace." "Its ok Lego, we will have something to do! Don't you worry! I know something must happen soon!" Tim said.
But what he didn't know, he would soon be right for Lego and Tim will need to deal with one big mess later that week. . .

Tim Short for the Spiffy Mag

Hey Guys!
I'm back from my vacation! (from 3am this yesterday) Since I'm back... you know what that means PICTURES OF PEOPLES BACKS! just kidding... that's a little TOO WEIRD even for me. I decided to make a super secret Tim Short only for the Spiffy Mag.. Its on the next page!
~Tim250, CP Adventure Staff

Once Again Tim and Lego are woken up by there spy phones. Lego reaches for his, he opens up a new message and A hologram of the director becomes shown, he says:
Good Morning agents, this is a message for all agents, but mostly you and Tim, we are getting ready to trap Herbert once and for all, we are calling this plan... Operation: Hibernation. During this party we are getting ready to have fun, and also make the island as cold as it can be, why? To make Her bet go into hibernation and hopefully we can take him and secure him in our prison, we will need you to help us. We have figured out where he is hiding from the help of you defending our system Agent Tim, and he is hiding on the tallest mountain, we must move out now." "WOW!" Tim exclaimed, "WE CAN FINALLY CATCH HERBERT?" "Only if this plan works Tim, if it doesn't work, were going to have one angry polar bear.. In fact I even heard rumors that Herbert might attack the lighthouse! The agents are calling it Operation Blackout" Lego said. "Umm, Lego.... I'm not sure If I want to do this anymore..." Tim said very scared. "Its going to be ok Tim, I know that we can do this." Lego said with a brave emotion on his face.

Tim Shorts 4:That Feeling

***α ησtє ƒяσм Tιм: ιƒ уσυ нανє ησт єχρєяιєη¢є∂ ρσєтι¢ ρσѕт тнιѕ ¢αη вє уσυя ƒιяѕт тιмє, ιƒ уσυ ∂ση'т ¢αяє ƒσя тнєм уσυ ∂σ ησт нανє тσ яєα∂ тнιѕ. It's short and sweet, My favorite.**

Do you ever get that feeling?
The one that makes you feel strange,
It feels like something weird in your stomach, like its all dis-arranged
Well I've been getting that feeling, I'm really not nervous inside.
I don't understand why, I guess I can be a little shy.
Don't ask me what it could be, maybe I need to be set free...
"Set free like a bird?" "Yes! Here, I'll make a good simile!"
I feel like I'm a bird, who's doesn't spread his wings.
He has them there, and all prepared, but when told to fly, he clings.
Maybe that's just it, I need to be let go,
Float sky high, give a big deep sigh
And just let go with the flow.
I think I'm ready to go, but not at this time.
Fly away from this cold island, and get away from this rhyme.
I think I'll have to cut this post short for I'm out of time
And not to forget....I think I ran out of rhymes.

  ~Goodbye Guys, I'm going on a Disney Vacation, have a relaxing two weeks without me :)

-Keep it spiffy while I'm gone, ya here?

Your Friend, Tim250, CP Adventure Staff
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Tim Shorts 3: The Tape

DING DONG! The door bell rang "Hey Tim!" Lego said, "Mails here!" Tim said with an annoyed look on his face, "I don't get why I'm always in charge of getting the mail when your right next to the door watching TV!" "I'm lazy! What else can I say?" Lego said. "I'll get the mail." Tim said with a smirk. He went outside and found a package on the step, with a coffee in one hand he bent down and got the package. "Here, its your turn to do something. Open it." Tim said as he threw it on Lego's lap. Lego tore it open to see it was an old video tape, it looked a little scratched but still able to be played. "Hey Tim!" Lego called. "I think we got old man Penguin's mail again!"
Tim walked over to see what it was. "Wow, just because it looks old doesn't mean it belongs to an old man." They both paused. "So..." Lego said,"Aren't you going to put it in?"

     Tim went over to the TV and popped the tape in. "Wheres the remote?" Tim asked. "Over there." Lego said pointing to the other side of the room. "I don't want to go get it." "Well I don't either." "Then lets go get it together." Lego got up from the couch and Tim went with him to the other side of the room. They both pushed the play button and sat down to see the tape:

Tim Shorts 2: Applications

One day in the EPF headquarters, Legoboy and Tim were assigned to recruit another agent to help them for their next mission. They went through 10, then 20, then 30 applications, but no luck. "Junk." said Tim. "Wow, this one has food stains on it!" Legoboy screamed. "WHAT THE!?" Tim shouted. "What?" said Legoboy. "Read this one." Tim said while making a weird face. This is what the application read:

Dear EPF Agents,

I work hard. I'm like a women in the kitchen, except I'm allowed to leave the kitchen. People expect me to be all friendly and enthusiastic, but that's a woman's job I'm the straightest man alive, and people love that about me. I get tons of emails everyday, and I don't even bother to open them.

My name is Creamsicle Frostbite, but everyone calls me Straightman. I spend 5 hours a day at the gym, because that's where my friend works. I hang out in the Men's bathroom at Sears. I don't believe in owning a bathroom so that's the only time I get to go. If I owned a bathroom, then I'd have to buy a woman to clean it.

My girlfriend is hot! She's the best and only thing I've ever been allowed to touch. We broke up six months ago. I named my dog after her, his name is girlfriend. I never learned my girlfriend's name, because I am a heterosexual man.

I woke up with a tiger in my bedroom today. My friends and I were playing strip-poker all night long, and we go hard every game. I guess we had too much to drink, but who cares! Life is like two lemons glued together, you just gotta keep squeezing them.

I think I'd be an awesome agent. I'm a tough guy, and I watch hockey. I also believe in women's rights.


Tim and Legoboy stared at each other in Disgust. "Well, you can do the honors Lego." said Tim. Lego nodded, then took out a stamp and stamped the application with big red letters saying "DENIED" They then went on with looking over applications. That letter would be stuck in their minds for a long time...

Tim shorts 1: A Rhyme in Crime
Once, yes once, upon a time two silly penguins decided to rhyme. It seems they couldn't stop, not even to drink some pop! It was so bad that no one could stop them, they tried everything, even tried to shock 'em. They called in the big guns to see what they could do, even though the one didn't know how to tie his shoe. These two big guns were Legoboy and Tim, they tried to find out how this happened by hitting one of them in the shin. When they hit him they found out how, the small one yelled "BOBBY!" and they both looked at each other and said..... "NOW!" They ran out the door and into the Town "Where could he be?" Tim said. "I'm not sure we'll have to look around." They went in every building, EVERY ONE, guess what they found!? Nope, no one.

Next, they reached the top of the beacon, they ran so fast Tim was had sweat leakin'. Over at the telescope they saw bobby, he used the telescope so well it was like it was his hobby. It turns out it was, he was a evil scientist. He made so many inventions he had a list! It turns out he made a potion, called "Use to rhyme" apparently those two penguins used it at the wrong time.

In the end, the Penguins found a reverse potion, and Bobby was arrested. It was all thanks to Tim and Lego, or this never would have been invested.

The End :D (A Tim original)

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