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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Once Apon a time, there was a young boy named Scrooge, him and his freind Petey owned a lemonade stand, petey sadly died on the day of Christmas, at 2:00 in the morning. They earned so much money, and the last thing Petey said was to give there left over money to the poor... Scrooge said he would do this, but when the time came, he kept it all to himself.

One night, when little Scrooge was in bed, he heard a noise, he rose from his bed and went to see where this sound was coming from. He didn't find anything wrong, so he went back to bed, he was sursprised to see next to his bed, his freind Petey, but this time it was his ghost.

"Scrooge!!" "Scrooge!!" Petey shouted. "How dare you!!" "What!? What have a done!?" Scrooge said. "You said you would donate our money to the poor! You lied!" Petey exclamied in anger. "But.. but.." scrooge said scared. "NO! YOU HAVE TAKEN THE SPIFFY OUT OF CHRISTMAS! YOU MUST PAY!" Petey exclaimed even louder. "OK! OK! WHAT WILL YOU DO DO ME!?" Scrooge responded. "You shall be visited by three ghost, The ghost of Spiffy Present, Spiffy Past, and Spiffy Future. Prepare yourself." "OK OK! I WILL!" Scrooge said. And as Scrooge said that, Petey dissapeared. "Hmp! Ghost of past present and future! Oh please!" Scrooge said as he fell back asleep.

Scrooge had woken up. It was now morning! Or so it seemed... The sun glaring though the window. "Pstt!! Hey! Hey you!! Kid wake up!!!" A mysterious voice said. "Whatt? whoo??" Said scrooge half asleep. "WHAT THE!?" Scrooge said looking at his watch which said it was only 11:00 PM. "WAIT!? SUN AT 11?" "Heyy." Said this mysterious voice.


"SO IT WAS TRUE!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!" Scrooge yelled in fear. "Hey! Dude! cool it! Its ok! Im just the Spiffy Ghost of the Past.." "YOU ARE REALLY A GHOST? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" Scrooge yelled again. "DUDE! STOP YELLING YOUR WAKING UP THE NEIGHBORS!" The spiffy ghost of the past said. "Wait.. Do I know you from somewhere?" scrooge said. "You might...." Said the ghost. "OH MY GOSH! SLIDER!?" "NO! THIS IS JUST A PART TIME JOB! I'M THE SPIFFY GHOST OF THE PAST FOR NOW! But you can call my Slider if you want.." "Ok... Slider *wink*" "Yeah.... ok. So i am here to show you your past, would you mind coming with me? But don't forget! We are only watching, the people cannot see or hear you. Understood?" "Understood." Said Scrooge. "Then let us go." Said Slider.


"That's me! And thats Charlie!" "Yes, its you as an infinant, you were so nice and sweet! But look at what has happened to you. You've become full of yourself and greedy." "Have I? Have I really? hm... Well I want to go back to those days, those days as a little baby. Slider, I have seen all that I need to see. I will be nicer now." "Spiffier, you mean." "Yes, Spiffier." "Very well then. But just incase this doesn't change your mind, you will be visited by two more ghost, For now go back into your bed and try to get some rest your next ghost will arrive at 12:00."

DINGGGGG! Went Scrooges alarm clock. "Twelve O' clock mightnight." Scrooge said to himself. He rose from his bed and shouted "CMON GHOST! COME AT ME! IM NOT SCARED! SHOW ME MY PRESENT!" Silence.... And then a sudden noise, a creaking of a door, Scrooge walked into his living room to find a surprise.
His living room had been decorated with decorations of all kinds for Christmas. "C...C....C....COME ON OUT! IM NOT SCARED SHOW YOURSELF!" "Boo." said the ghost. "AHHHH!!!!!!" Scrooge screamed.


"Hey. Im your ghost of the present... blah blah blah.. SPIFFY!!! Ok, so you know the plan?" The ghost asked "The nobody can hear you or see you so don't try one?" Scrooge awnsered. "BINGO! Ok so you like the decorations?" "Yeah they look pretty cool, I like that the mo..." "Yeah yeah, we can talk on the way." The ghost interupted. "Wait a minute, I know you..." Scrooge said. "Yeah, I'm Tim." "Thought so." Scrooge said. "Ok, on our way.. ready to fly?" Tim asked. "Fly?" Responded Scrooge. Tim answered "Yeah you know.. fly." Sticking his fins out like a plane making noises run around Scrooges living room. "But how do I do that? Don't I need pixie dust or something?" Scrooge asked. "Dude, this isn't an old disney movie... grab my fin.." Tim answered scornly. Tim's feet as he opened the door started rising off the ground. "WHERE WE BE GOING MR. TIM!?" "To see what your present is like! You must change your greedy ways! Were going to look at those children who you have taken that money from! To show that they need it more then you!" Tim yelled in the gust of wind they were flying through. "There." Tim said as they landed.


"You see... you've taken that money for yourself, when these are the ones that need it.." Tim said. "I...I...I didn't know....." Scrooge said sadly. "Well DUH! Now how do you feel?!" "Pretty bad..." "Not too spiffy huh?" "No... not to spiffy... not at all." "So what are you going to do?" "Im going to go back to my home, get the money i have taken and give it back to the poor." "Those were the magic words." Tim said as he winked. Scrooge was then poped back into his room where a note fell from the celling that read "2:00 pm, next ghost."

Scrooge, dreaming, found himself in a dark world, down trapped in a well with a pedulum swinging toward him, tick tick tick. It fell closer to his chest. Tick tick tick. Then all of the sudden, BOOM! Scrooge had woken heart pounding. "Bwhaha! Why hello there scrooge." a voice said angerly. "H..h..hello?" Silence..... A gust of wind blowing the candle out next to Scrooges bed. "SCROOGE!!!!!" Yelled this voice. "YES?! ARE YOU THE LAST GHOST?!" "SCROGEEE!!!" Yelled the voice louder. "CHANGE YOUR WAYS! OR ELSE!" "I AM! I AM GOING TO! TRUST ME!" Scrooge said in terror. Then out of no where Scrooge could see the ghosts face out of the dim candle light. "Hedge?" "HEDGE? HEDGE!!?? I AM NOT "HEDGE"! I AM THE GHOST OF YOUR FUTURE!!" "Really?" Scrooge said. "Ahh, fine you caught me. But just because i know you doesn't mean im going to be nice to you.."


"Fair enough. So now.. People can't see or here me blah blah blah... NOW LETS GO!" Scrooge said. "Not exactly.. Im here to show you what may happen if you don't change your greedy ways." Hedge said while snapping her finger teleporting herslef and scrooge to a dark looking land. "Where are we?" Scrooge asked. Hedge sighed... "WAIT. A GRAVEYARD?! WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!" Hedge pointed to a grave stone and said "See for yourself." Hedge said. The grave read "Here lie Scrooge laid to rest by ---" with the date of "December 26 2010" "NO!!! NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!" Scrooge scream in tears. "Unless you..." Hedge started to say. "YES! I KNOW! I will change my ways! I will give to the poor! I will help charity! I just don't want to die! Im sorry Petey! Im sorry I disobeyed you! IM SORRY! I WILL NEVER BE LIKE THIS EVER AGAIN!! I CAN'T LIVE THIS WAY!! PLEASE! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! IM SORRY!!! PLEASE JUST LET ME LIVE!" Scrooge said in tears. "You Scrooge.... Have learned your lesson." Hedge said as she dissapeared.


Scrooge returned back to his bed where he could no longer sleep. it was only 6:00 am before he got up from his bed got his bag of money and ran right to the orphanage. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" He screamed. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" He gave all the moeny he could to help the poor, and now every Christmas, Scrooge goes to the orphanage to help out and give half of his yearly profit. Scrooge learned his lesson, and he will no longer be greedy, in the end. He learned the true meaning of Christmas... Giving.


And though the ending of this story is done, we wish you a VERY MERRY SPIFFMAS! AND FOR ALL TO HAVE FUN!!

~I would like to thank my good freind Slider with helping me out ALOT with making this, so thx buddy! ~Tim

And Merry Christmas from the Club Penguin Adventure staff!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventure 5 sneak peek!

Hello there fellow ninjas, if you have been on club penguin lately somethings have been happening with water if ya know what i mean ;). And we will be doing yet another adventure involving Sensei himself. But this time the adventure is harder...

Cya in a couple of weeks for the next adventure! ;)(and yes i am aware that we skipped a week i skipped right to adventrue 5 because adveture 4 should come out sometime this week and i didn't wanna give anything away)

Stay spiffy!
~CP adventure staff

Monday, November 8, 2010

Adventure 3: Part II

"Welcome to the home of fire jitsu. The first step of your journey." Sensei said.  Me and Lego were in astonishment.  Sensei continued "Your journey will arrive soon. As you have seen the skies are telling us something.  They are saying that water shall join fire in this circle of life.  But you two will not be alone on this adventure."  Lego said "Then who else are we going with?" Sensei pointed to two fire ninjas playing the art of fire jitsu.  He called "You two. Please come here."  Both ninjas stopped what they were doing bowed to each other and ran over to Sensei. They took off there mask. Me and Lego were surprised to see that the two ninjas were our friends Musa, and Kellie.  Sensei then gave us our mission "Travel to the waterfall." He said. "There is commotion going on there." "YEAH! WE SAW A LIGHTENING BOLT HIT THE WATERFALL! IT WAS EPIC!" said Lego. Sensei responded by saying " It might have looked "Epic" but it far wasn't inside, and that wasn't just any bolt of lightening. Right when it hit the waterfall some sort of flying machine came over the volcano." "You mean you think SOMEONE did that?" I said. "precisely" He responded. "Well you better get out there. Good luck Grasshoppers."  So all four of us walked out of the volcano. "Thank God were outta that hot thing!" Musa said. "Yeah I know." Kellie said. As we walked out down the path I said "So... How are we supposted to get to the Waterfall?" Lego responded with a :-/ face and said "I have no idea." Kellie said "I have an idea!" She ran infront of everyone else and ran down to the secret door that lead to the ninja hideout. We all followed her. Musa said "Now what?" Kellie said "There has to be a secret door somewhere!" "GOOD IDEA!" Lego said.  We all searched around. Looking through plants, trees, and even water.  DING! Someone hit one of the gongs hanging overhead. "I GOT IT!" I exclaimed. "GUYS! HIT THE GONGS!" DING! DONG! DING! DONG! "Guys! there's a pattern!" Musa said. We all thought for a few moments.  Andy hit the gongs in this order, ding, DONG! dong ,DING!  A crash of thunder sounded. The ground shook, and up from the water arose a secret door.  It was encrusted with beautiful diamonds. And above the door a symbol of a fish.

As we walked though the door it lead us to a beautiful room full of water and mats to play water jitsu. "Its amazing!" Lego said. There was a blue arch where the Sensei could sit "It looks really cool! look at the detail!" Kellie said.  "WATCH YOUR STEP!" a "Water Ninja" yelled.  He was dressed in aqua blue, with a glowing mask filled with diamonds. He was right when he told us to watch our step. Right in front of us was a huge hole! "Who could have a such an evil mind to do this!?" Musa said. we all shouted at the same time "HERBERT!" "That's right pesky penguins! this is the last straw. No more fun and games for you! No more jitsu! Hey that rhymed...."  "That was pretty a pretty clever rhyme. I gotta give you props." Tim (the rhyming expert) said. "Why thank you!" "Yeah you should become a expert!" "Like Dr. Suess!" Lego added. "Oh why thanks I never thought of myself like that." "Erm.. your evil plan?" Kellie said. "OH RIGHT! YOU BIRDS GOT ME SIDETRACKED!" "I have made a machine, courteously from you, to make electricity!" "First I got this waterfall, and now you can say goodbye to your little island! This storm is giving me more electricity then ever! MUHAHAHA!" Andy thinking cleverly said "Hey Herbert your shoes untied." Herbert looked down "I dont wear any sho... where did they go?" All four of us grabbed the machine and flew away with it. "FIX THE HOLE!" Musa yelled to the ninjas. They all nodded. Herbert chased us all over town before we jumped out of the machine for it to fly away by itself into the ocean. "BLLLLLLAAAARRRRGGGHHH!" Herbert yelled. "I'll get you penguins next time!" So We went back to the volcano to be awarded by Sensei by becoming honorary ninjas. "You have saved the day!" Thank you ninjas!" "Live long and prosper!" he said. "Sounds firmilliure" I said. "From star wars?" "Startrack." Kellie said. "Does it really matter?" Musa said. "No." we all said. as we laughed on our way back home.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adventure 3: Part I

As I sat in my igloo, staring into the fire of my fire place, it had such a strong impact on me. Staring, just staring at it as the flames grew bigger.  Then, I noticed... a cold breeze came through my igloo... the door slammed open! A shadow-like figure looking right at me. I arose from my chair, and placed down the coffee cup I was drinking, the figure walked closer.. It walked into the light, I saw that it was a ninja, who handed me a golden scroll. As i opened the scroll it read "Ninja Tim, I have sent you this letter to summon you to come to the volcano.  I have also summoned your Friend Lego.  You two must come here at once, for I have an important journey for you.  ~Sensei"  So the ninja lead me out of my igloo, through the town, and up the long staircase to the mountain.  As I walked over to the stone door, I noticed my Friend Lego "LEGO!" I cried.  "TIM!" he shouted back.  "I was just following the ninja to meet Sensei to give us our mission!" said Tim. "ME TOO! LOL" Andy replied. Right then a crash of thunder sounded.  The ninja read the secret code on the stone door to activate it "Through the power in me, and the belts I have earned, bring me courage to fight whatever and whoever I can with all my might, Through the elements of fire, snow, and water." 

A beam of light opened out from the door, then door slid down. Me and Lego walked into the ninja hideout, to find ninjas practicing card jitsu where everyone could see them. As we walked down the stairs, we found the fire tablet the ninja said words which reminded me of Latin and out from the water arose a hidden door. It lead to the volcano where Sensei had summoned us. I took a deep breathe. and followed the path to the volcano.  We pasted marvelous trees and beautiful scenes. But the one that astonished me the most was a beautiful waterfall. Andy exclaimed "Wow, just wow.
Look at that."

    As i examined the waterfall closely, it was shimmering, shining, but then a dark cloud covered the waterfall. BANG! A strike of lightening hit the waterfall! Ninjas out of no where flying through the skies jumped and leaped to the waterfall! "WHOA! DID YOU SEE THAT TIM!?" Andy said. "YEAH! NINJAS! BUT WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THE WATERFALL?" I said. Andy started "I DON'T KNOW MAYBE THEY ARE.." Andy stopped. "Maybe what Andy?" i said. Andy was staring up at the volcano, in astonishment. As i turned to see it, Sensei was in front of me. "Hello Grasshoppers" Sensei said. "Welcome to the home of Fire Jitsu. The first step of your journey"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adventure sneak peek

Hello Penguins!!  Tim here! Giving you a sneak peek at our next adventure! Check it out! Our next adventure should be out sometime next week or maybe late depending on what happens.
 And this.... is just the beginning..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're Makin' a Spiffy Combat! WOOT WOOT :D

Hey everyone! :D You might have heard the saddening news about the last post on the CPSkool Blog was today. We will miss you a lot CPSkool and thank you Peng for hosting it! Now, CPSkool the GAMESHOW is over, but the chat and site will still be open. As Peng said, we are the new generation of CPSkool, along with Hippie Hobo Clowns! :D Tim and I are gunna start having more spiffy adventures again, and each week, we are gunna pick one of YOU to be a guest star on the show! :D How cool is that!?!?! Right now, CP's 5th anniversary party is here! Grab some cake, dance in a spiffy-style, and have some fun with friends! :) 

Keep it spiffy! 
         ~Andy The Lego

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sneak Peek Of Adventure 3! Shh! :)

Hey everyone! I hope you liked our part 1 and 2 story of the Mountain Expedition, and now since we are officially opened, (WOOT!) I got a little sneak peek for next weeks adventure comic:

Yep that's right, someone trashed Sensei's Dojo. This adventure will come out next weekend (If all goes well)
AND... There might be a party coming up to celebrate our Grand Opening.

    Keep it SPIFFY! =D
  ~Lego and Tim

Adventure #2: The Journey Of A Lifetime

It was Tim. "Hiya Buddy!" Tim said. "Tim! Where have you been? I've been waiting for you!" I asked. "Well, with all the angry mob of explorers charging toward the mountain, we got separated." "Ooooh! LOL!," I said in reply, "But Tim, can we start now? I want to find the golden necklace" "Sure!" My spiffy buddy said. So we were off.
      It was already dark, and our first challenge was a few miles up the mountain. There was a huge gap with icicles hanging above. "Well Tim, that gap's too big to jump...We need to find something to make a bridge..." "I'm all on this, Lego." Tim said. Tim took out his bunny plush toy, put on his ninja mask, flung his bunny into the air saying "Hooowaaaaaa!!!" and all of a sudden, The bunny's ears turned into huge swords and SLICED the icicles into a bridge! Tim did a back flip in air, caught his bunny, and fell perfectly on his feet. "Whoa, Tim! HOW DID YOU DO THAT???" "Well you know...I like to keep it spiffy." 
        We were getting very sleepy and we couldn't walk anymore, so we decided to put up our tent and campfire for the night.
The next day, we hiked up more of the mountain. I could see the top, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I know the Yeti Necklace is up here somewhere. "Hey Lego, my shoe's untied, let me stop for a sec" While he tried to tie his shoe while balancing on one foot, he was loosing his balance. "Uh-oh...Aaaahh!!!!!" Tim fell into a huge piece of ice. He got up and said, "Whoa...Well at least I got my shoe tied..." There was a huge rumbling sound. The huge chunk of ice was moving into a little doorway. We have found the lair of the Yeti. There was a huge ship, with ice everywhere. Huge animals that look like they could be relatives of Mullet were froze in the ice. Then I saw it, The Golden Necklace Of Knowledge. I ran up into the ship with Tim, and put it around my neck. All of a sudden it got dark, and Tim said, "Lego, I don't think the sun is going down..." We turned around, and saw a great big ball of white fur, the Yeti. We tried to run, but there was no use. He just took us up in his big, burly, hands. "I see you have my Golden Necklace." "Uhh...Yes.." Lego said. "How do I know I should give this necklace to you?" "Well, I'm a...a very good person and I would take good care of it..." "Well, I don't believe you," The Yeti said. "If you can show me, I'll give you this necklace." The Yeti jumped off the boat, and we heard a rumbling song. The icicles from the ceiling were starting to fall, and we could see the ice walls cracking. "AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!!" We all screamed. The three of us ran out and starting running as fast as we can. We could see the supply camp again, but we had to pass over the ice bridge. We all took turns going on the bridge, Tim first, Lego second, and the Yeti third, Tim and Lego made it over safely, but the Yeti was too heavy and broke the ice! "HELP!!!!!!!" The Yeti yelled. He was holding on by a hand, and the snow was getting closer! Lego ran back and took his hand and pulled him back up. The Supply camp was only a few hundred feet away. We finally made it!!!! We were all safe and the Yeti finally spoke up and said "You have proven your trust to me, here is your Necklace Of Knowledge." "Wow thank you so much, Yeti!" 
         And so, everything turned out fine, and Lego got to  
 keep the Necklace Of Knowledge.
       New Adventures coming soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventure #1: The Curse Of The Yeti Necklace

There I was, sitting in a camp site, in my fuzzy boots, brown and red jacket, red and green scarf, and my new fuzzy hat I got at the Supplies Store. I was sitting around the campfire, thinking about all the rumors I had heard about this mountain I would soon be hiking on.
 People have said, there's a secret room up there, where a huge Yeti lives. Some believe that he's a relative of Herbert, others believe if you look into the eyes of him, your whole body will vaporize into water, or be vanished into mid air. Finally, others believe that he has a golden necklace, that if you put on, you will gain wisdom to life. Others have already started this hunt to find the Yeti, but I will not start my perilous journey until my best friend, Tim comes. I'm a little frightened by going up this mountain, but I can't turn down this opportunity. It was getting dark, no one else was at the supply camp anymore. Suddenly there was a gush of wind into my numb face, and I saw a figure, towering over me with a lantern.
                              TO BE CONTINUED.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Virtuial World: Toons Tunes! :D

Hey everyone!

     There is a new virtual world called Toons Tunes! It's really fun! My name on it is King Of Pop, and Tim's name on it is Spiffy Tim! I'm trying to become a Promoter on it! (A Promoter is kinda like a mod) There is gunna be a Back To School Concert on August 28th! :D I can't wait! I hope you all make an account! www.toonstunes.com

    Keep it SPIFFY!
      ~Lego (King Of Pop)  :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Construction is almost done! =D

After many hours of making banners, fixing colors, sidebars and more, the construction is almost coming to a close!
I want to say thanks to my friend Slider94, for making the banner, Both our penguins, the background and getting the colors. I would also want to thank Hedgehog14 for helping with the title colors and such :) We hope you have a great time here, and we WILL have a comic for ya soon. Here's a hint, =O Did you see that up in that mountain? ;-)
               Waddles on and keep it SPIFFY! =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand "Spiffy" Opening! =D

Hey everyone! Welcome to...The Super Awesome Spiffy Adventures of...TIM AND LEGO!!! Tim250, and I, Legoboy612 are going on adventures in Club Penguin and are going to make a sort-a "comic book" where you can read them! Not only that but we will keep you updated on the latest Club Penguin cheats! :D Well that's it for now!

             Waddle on and keep it SPIFFY! =D

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends! Without Club Penguin, this blog wouldn't exist! Thank you to the creators, and workers at Club Penguin that always come up with parties and other fun events that we can make adventures from!