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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tim Short's 6: Meeting the Captain Himself

~αℓℓ σƒ тнιѕ ιѕ αвѕσℓυтєℓу тяυє, ησт σηє ѕιηgℓє ραят σƒ ιт ιѕ ƒαℓѕє! αη∂ тнαтѕ тнє тяυтн!~
So I waddled on to the server Iceburg just a few days ago, while I wasn't looking at the screen out of the small crowd of people logging into the server popped out one of the great Club Penguin legends, the one, the only, Rockhopper.
"AHOY ME MATEYS! DO YE BE LIKING THE FAIR?" he yelled. It seemed I was the only one excited and I waddled over to him as fast as I could. "I LOVE IT!" I yelled. but something was different about him this time.. He was wearing a Migrator costume! I was the only one who seemed to be moving (besides Rockhopper of course!). He ran to the snow forts, rounding people up, one by one people joined him. "Let us go play a fair game! Puffle Paddle sound good?" He said. At this moment I was so excited I needed to click his player card to make sure it was him!
It was true! He ran to the forest, and I sure followed, with no "Full Room" to stop me now! He sat near the puffle paddle game and shouted "Dang! I be so bad at this game! Arr!" People started to notice him. "Great! A crowd!" I yelled sarcastically. I am known as "Toast" because Tim250 does not show on club penguin! I shouted "ROCKHOPPER! CAN YOU GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO TOAST?" Everything was quiet... "ROCKHOPPER LIKES PIRATES TOAST!" He yelled.
This was when it was getting serious! After saying that, he said "OH NO! YARR BE MISSIN!" He made us all search around. "YARR?! YARR BUDDY? WHERE YE BE?" He told us to search the cove for this fun little red sidekick of his! "Arg! I think I might know where he has gone!"
Once at the iceburg, we all went searching "He always be hidden in these, and he blends in so good!" said Rockhopper. By this time I was changed and ready to rock the fair. I too had my Migrator costume on! "ROCKHOPPER! IS THIS YARR?" I said as I stood in the balls.
"WHY I'LL BE! IT IS YARR!" "THANK YE!" He said as Yarr appeared by his side. It had now been close to 8 minutes from when he logged on. I knew he would need to leave soon! "Rockhopper! Can you tell us a story?!" "Hmm... Why yes! I think I can spare ye a tale!" "Lets go to the cove for the story!" He said. I followed.
I was able to sit right next to him for him to tell the story. "Aye! Well this tale be true!" He said. "I looked off yonder and say the biggest rock I'd ever seen!" I gasped. "It was coming so close to the ship so fast, I wasn't able to turn away! It hit the ship so hard! It left a hole! The water starting gushin' in! I had to clog the hole up fast! Can ye guess what I did?" "YOU USED YARR?" someone yelled. "Nahh! I not be using Yarr!" "A squid!?" "No, no squid!" "A boot? No!" "I used me treasure maps to clog it! Good thing I know how to get her by memory! HAR HAR!" He got up from his spot and by this time a huge crowd had found out about him. "I be needing to set sail! New adventures await!" (NEW CATCH PHRASE FOR ME? COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT ;D ) He got up and said a harty goodbye. He walked to the water with Yarr and disapeared. That day I had seen Rockhopper in a new perspective. That day will always be remembered by me, and hopefully my new pal, Rockhopper!
~New Adventures Await!
Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner

Friday, September 23, 2011

Adventure 11: Club Penguin Oil Spill (Part 3)

"Told ya Lego, we would have something to do." Tim said smirking. "Ok, first on the check list, get the ninjas." Lego said sitting in the co-captains seat with Tim driving. Lego had his map out. "A little more Tim, THERE!" he yelled pointing at the Dojo Courtyard. "Ok! Let me find a place to park." Tim said. Lego looked down at the island which now seemed to be black instead of white. Lego made a face that didn't seem to pleasant. "You still thinking about it?" Tim asked. "Yeah." Lego said sadly. "Its ok Lego, I bet Sensei will be able to help." Tim said as he landed their new as G called it "Aqua-Air-3000"

Tim and Lego walked into the ninja hideout bowing to all the ninjas they saw, plain ninjas, fire ninjas, and water ninjas were all standing around in a circle. Tim and Lego were both puzzled on why they were in a circle, they realized someone was talking. It was Sensei himself! He told how the day had come, for all of them to help out, and other metaphors nigher of them understood. As he was talking Lego was distracted by a bush he saw in the distance, it was shaking, like something, or someone was in it. He walked over sneakily. It was still shaking. A gong sounded off. It made Lego jump and turn around, it was Sensei. He was standing next to Tim. Tim told them what had happened and what G's orders were. All of the ninjas understood. Lego was still puzzled about the bush, and when he looked in the bush he saw nothing. He saw nothing but a ninja amulet, but something was strange about this one. All three gems were colored.

"Ninjas! We need all of you to do different jobs, Water ninjas, we need you to bend the oil back into the pipe. Even though it isn't water it is still liquid and do able. Fire Ninjas, we need you to heat the water around the island up to get rid of all bacteria. All other ninjas, we need you to make sure no one leaves the ice burg unless told, understood? "Yes Sensei!" They all said. Everyone bowed to each other. "Ok Ninjas, Onward!" Sensei said pointing his cane to the sky. ll at once, all of the ninjas did back flips and turns out of the hideout and to the island below and the ice burg. "Woah." Tim said. "How long did it take to teach them those moves Sensei?" Lego said winking.

Tim and Lego arrived back to the ice burg with Sensei by using the Aqua-Air-3000. They had buckets and buckets of clean fresh water due to the water ninjas. G was extatic "EXCELLENT WORK AGENTS!" The ice burg also went wild with cheers of "SENSEI!!!" Sensei bowed with respect towards everyone. "My ninjas will save the island, we just need all of you to not panic, I will be going to help them shortly, I just ask you for patience." "Yes Sensei!" Most penguins said. "Thank you Lego and Tim," G said "We now have clean water to drink, now go help Sensei!"

Tim, Lego, and Sensei all got out of the Aqua-Air-3000 with boots on, Tim said he didn't want to get "Oil on his sky shoes" And they saw the ninjas working, They checked at the dock, beach, and cove and saw the fire ninjas working on the sea which was filled with what Lego called "Broccoli Jello". Soon enough the water was as clear as blue, but their was one problem, it was too hot! G called Tim on his spy phone. "TIM! THE WATER IS TOO HOT! THE ICEBURG IS MELTING!" He exclaimed, "QUICK! HURRY!" Tim hung up his spy phone. "SENSEI AND LEGO GET ALL WATER NINJAS TO THE ICE BURG, NOW! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS WATER COLD!" "Tim! Water ninjas can't do that! They don't have the ability to turn things cold! No one does!" "YET." Sensei said. Sensei turned towards the water at the cove, and threw his hands up high. He rose off the ground, floating in the air, He breathed a cold breath, and water had stopped boiling. Sensei returned to the ground and lightly hit the ground. He dipped his hand into the water, which was still rather hot. "Well, that's all I've got." Sensei said. "Well. . . That's a downer." Tim said. Screams were heard from the ice burg. "Oh no! Were too late!" Lego cried. Once again he was stumbled by a moving bush near a silver surf boardat the surf shack. He thoguht he saw a white flipper come out from the bush and touch the water. A smoking sound was heard from the water, another strange sound was also heard. The sound of Tim's spy phone. Lego turned towards Tim to see if he would answer. Tim picked it up. "Thank you agents! whatever you did you just saved us from tipping!" "Uhm G, we didn't do anything. . ." Tim said. "Then who did?" G said. Lego turned to the bush to find nothing but a white puffle, and a snowflake and the ground.

"I swore I saw a flipper!" Lego said. "Nahh Lego, it was probably this white puffle, we owe it all to this guy!" Tim said as he petted their new little friend. "I'm not sure." lego said. as they made their way down the manhole in the plaza. The pool had been covered in black. and so was the rest of the mine. Tim put on a snorkle as a joke. "Lets go oil swimmin'!" Tim said. Lego laughed. Water Ninjas were seen at every corner bending the oil back into the pipe. "I'm not sure if this is working, we cant get the pipe back in place!" One ninja said. "Don't be disheartend." Sensei said bravely. We just need all of this oil off this island. All the nijas began working over time. Oil was bended back into the pipe and off of the island using a new contrapion G had made from a coffee machine, and cash register and a few bolts and screws (All courtesy of the coffee shop owner Penny Mickey and her assistant Bumbleface) G made an ivention and Lego named it the "The Janitor 3000" Which cleaned all the snow of oil and left it white again.

" I can not thank you all enough for your efforts," G said, "All penguind have been moved back to the island, and oh yes! Sensei! How did you manage to bend the pipe back together with that beutiful ice work!?" Sensei looked around. "That was not me." He said. Lego looked at Tim. "Awh, did you tell our new little buddy to do that Tim? Thanks little buddy!" Lego said to the puffle. "Uhh Lego I didn't tell him to do anything, the only thing I told him was to stay at home, I just picked him up like a minute ago." Tim said. "Then. . . Who bended the pipe?" Lego said.

It would always remain a mystery, but only Sensei would be the one to solve the mystery it later on.

~~~~This Concludes the 3 part series of Club Penguin Oil Spill, our longest adventure series yet! Thank you for reading!~~~~

Remember to keep adventuring!

See you at the fair next week!

-The CP Adventure Staff

Monday, September 19, 2011

Preparing for the Fair!

That's right! As well as Club Penguin setting up for the fair, so are we! The fair adventure will be up October 30th at the latest! And Site updates for the celebration will commense this Saturday, the day after our longest adventure series yet, "Club Penguin Oil Spill" is finished. "We just want to get you in the mood!" I said. So this site which sems to be covered in this dark oil spill will be cleaned up as soon as the last adventure is over by some of our friends! Thanks for reading, and be sure to tune back all this week incase of any other annoucments before the adventure!
Keep Adventuring!
-Tim250 and the CP Adventure staff (this includes Slider94 who helped theme the website for the fair)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Interview with Frostylittle!

Hey guys! Lego here. Remember that ad on our sidebar about Club Penguin Neighborhood? Well, there's only 3 people left in it! Sadly, Tim got out last week. I managed to get an interview with the owner of the game show: Frostylittle! Here ya go!

There's only 3 people left in NS, how do you feel the whole season went?

What a fast Club Penguin Game Show, the last 11 weeks went by as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog! This season was by far my favorite creation yet, it was just brilliant. The entire cast brought some spiffy (Ahem, shout out to CPSA!) energy to each challenge, and each neighbor breathed creativity. I have never met such a dedicated group of waddling penguins, everyone was in it to win it.

Which was your favorite challenge; Why?

My personal favorite is the grand finale, the last challenge of Neighborhood Survival. Obviously no one reading this knows anything about it, but the challenge just brings everything together so well! The past 2 years of CPN are basically squeezed into Challenge 13.

Who do you think will win? Why?

Your going to hate me for saying this boring answer... Anyone could win! The MickeyfaceBolabc alliance made a plan to the end, and they did just that. Are they going to betray each other? How are three friends going to face off? Who will win Challenge 12?

Who do you think was strongest at challenges? Why?

Penny Mickey for sure. Wiiwiiwii1 was also a fantastic competitor, but unfortunately he did not last as long... Penny brings her A game to every challenge, and she has an extreme dedication to Season 2. There's nothing negative I can say about her!

Are you planning on having more gameshows?

Of course. I plan on having at least 3 more Club Penguin Game Shows! Story-Book Survival is being finished... Spiffy power!

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Keep checking CPN, and for anyone who is reading this... Keep reading Club Penguin Spiffy Adventures! It's such a unique blog. Good luck MickeyfaceBolabc alliance!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Clearing Things Up

Hello! Tim here, and I just want to clear a few things up! So here it goes!
  • We previously said that we would have a "Fair-Related" adventure inbetween parts 2 and 3 of "Club Penguin Oil Spill" but that is now changed, we will do part 3 before we do the fair!
  • Our last adventure was late by a day, but what are you going to do? All difficulties were handled, and it is below this post!
  • To those who casted for "Actors Wanted" we will get you in an adventure! We are not ignoring you, we are just waiting for the right adventure!
  • CPSA is preparing for October already, it will be spooky!

Thank you, and I hope we cleared some things up!

-The CP Adventure Staff

Adventure 11: Club Penguin Oil Spill (Part 2)

The island of Club Penguin is full of different penguins doing all sorts of different things. Penguins announcing to others about a cafe in their igloo, "Wammies" taking care of babies, robbers stealing all the coins at the gift shop, and much more. With all this going on at once, it's really hard for a few EPF agents to get every one's attention...
After 6 days of yelling, All the EPF agents got every penguin to the cove and safely onto the Iceberg. G, Tim, and Lego were the last 3 on the island, with one big life boat to share. "So, G," Tim said "Is the island really going to be covered in oil...? What are we gunna do!!" "I'm afraid the whole island will be soon covered...There's nothing to do, we just need to hope for a miracle..." Lego and Tim both looked at each other very nervously, and all three got onto the life boat.

When they got to the Ice burg, they couldn't believe it didn't tip. Penguin upon penguins, row after row, as far as the eye could see. They were all in front of a large podium, waiting for an explanation about why they had to come here. "Well boys," G said, I better go make my speech about this whole thing.."
When G went up to the podium, the crowd applauded. 'WOO''s and 'OMG IT'S GARY''s were heard from every single penguin. "What noobs." Lego said with a smirk on his face. "Yeah I know, right." Tim said, chuckling. Gary was about to start to start his speech. "Ahem," he said. When everyone quieted down he said, "Fellow penguins. Certain EPF Agents were mining in the west region of the mine a few days ago, and a very bad accident happened. One of them hit a pipe and as far as my calculations stand. We only have about 15 minutes until oil spills throughout the island." "WHO ARE THE AGENTS THAT DID THAT!?" One penguin yelled. "Oh yikes!" Lego said. "What are we gonna do!?" Tim said anxiously. G came up with a great reply "They would like to remain un-named." Tim and Lego both let out a big sigh of relief.
G went on and all the penguins were caught up with what was happening. One penguin asked a question "Gary?" "Yes?" "Will they have ice crea-" The boy was cut off. "BRACE YOURSELVES!" The whole island of Club Penguin started shaking! Black oil shot out of the island higher then the tallest mountain! The shaking of the island sent a shock-wave that made the iceberg start to rumble. "Is everyone alright!?" Lego yelled. A simultaneous Yes's yeah's and uh huh's were heard from around the iceberg. Everyone was happy to be alive, but others crying because they new their homes were destroyed, but that wasn't the worst of it, a million fish flopped on the iceberg! Almost making it tip! "WHAT THE?" Tim yelled.
"Remain calm penguins! My watch says it is almost night, we must all go to the tent in an orderly fashi-" G couldn't get his last word out before penguin waddled as fast as they could to get the best beds. Others were forced to sleep on the ground. Tim and Lego were able to get bunk beds like they always had. while everyone seems to be asleep they talked silently to each other. "I feel like this is all my fault, Tim." Lego said. "No dude! Its not! I'm sure everything will be ok!"
"But with the fish? I'm getting scared." "Lego, they are as smart as us, they don't want to be covered in oil, its giving us something to do." "Well I'm not sure if I like it, I don't think we can fix this ourselves." "We'll be fine, just go to sleep." Tim said, and so they slept.
Lego was one of there first ones up in the morning, he went to go see what a beautiful day it was, he smelled the fresh air, when he looked to see his reflection in the water he saw something different.
"Remain calm! Remain calm!" G yelled repeatedly. "I have prepared a new invention to help us get those who were left back on the island, and get fresh drinking water! Everything will be OK!
I have made use of materials that I had here on the iceberg." "WHAT DID YOU MAKE? A SNOW CONE MACHINE?" One snotty penguin yelled. "No, THIS!" G pulled a blanket off the machine he had made, it was the aqua grabber, but with a new and improved look! "WOW!" Tim exclaimed. Mumbles of shock went throughout the iceberg. "Now I need someone to enter it, someone who know the island very well." The iceberg went silent....
"I will drive it." Tim said, "BUT! Only if my pal Lego can come too." The iceberg got loud again. G agreed they would be perfect to do it, and showed them how it worked. "Now we need you to get drinking water from the Pizza Parlor, and Coffee Shop. We also need you to pick up the ninjas at the dojo that didn't hear the announcement." "Ok Gary! Will do! Cya in a couple of hours G!"Tim said. They new device flew off the iceberg, and towards the island, with all the crowd cheering. "Told ya Lego, we would have something to do." Tim said smirking.
~~~To Be Continued~~~
Part 3 comes out next week! The final part to this 3 part series!
Keep Adventuring!
-The CP Adventure Staff

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Warm Welcome to New Veiwers

Hello all of you who might've just clicked on our ad on Slidoo's Club Penguin Agents website! I am Tim250! My friend Legoboy612 and I would like to welcome you! "What is this site?" You may ask. Well Club Penguin Spiffy Adventures (CPSA for short) is a website he and I created back in August 2010. On here we share stories of our "adventures" on the island of Club Penguin! We make them up of course! We make special adventures for parties, and make up our own when not! Right now your actully in one! A 3 part adventure which we call "Club Penguin Oil Spill" Our site doesn't usually look like this, so dont be frightened by the darkness! If you scroll down you can read part one! And you can also go to our "Adventures" page (which isn't up at the time due to "technical difficulties" with our designer Slider94 who helps us make the site look as SPIFFY as it can be, Lego is also making his way into the designing world, he takes most of the pictures you see in our adventures!) We now make adventures weekly! Every Friday (or Thursday night) we will debut a new adventure we have made! (No, we do not "steal" from other sites that have the same concept, sites we aren't even aware of infact!) We would like to encourage you to flip through our pages, and older post. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope we can see you around soon!

~Tim250 and Legoboy612, The CP Spiffy Adventure Staff

( Legoboy612, left. Tim250, right. Tim's Bunny. Center (; )

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rememberig the Tragedy

The day of September 11th was one of the worst days in the United States history. Hijackers took over four planes. Two were sent to crash into to buildings in New York City, The World Trade Center was also known as the Twin Towers because they were exactly the same. One was sent to attack the Pentagon, and another was said to be going towards the White House, which was taken down before it hit by brave passengers. The tragedy killed millions of people. While millions ran away, about four hundred ran towards it, The brave firefighters, police, and emergency staff. Sadly most of them died while they did their duty. Today their is a memorial where both building were struck. This day will always be remembered, and this day is the 10th anniversary of it. 10 years ago it was the first day of pre-school for me. My mother remembers me running up to her and saying "Mommy! Grandmom says the big buildings were hit!" I sadly only have the memory of watching it now on television. I know that the men that tried to save the people in the building will never be forgotten in my mind, and all the people who died. May God bless and watch over the families that lost loved ones, and may he bless America.
Have a great September 11th, and may we learn from our mistakes. God bless you brave heros.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventure 11: Club Penguin Oil Spill (Part 1)

"When I get older, I will be stronger, they'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag..." "Give me freedom, give me fi- LEGO I THINK I FOUND SOMETHING!!" Since Tim and Lego had captured the evil polar bear, Herbert, they had a lot more free time than they used to. All agents were required to relax and have fun until further notices. Tim and Lego were the most adventurous friends on the island, so even on their break they decided to trek into new areas of the island of Club Penguin. This week, the spiffy little penguins went into the west end of the mine. These regions had never been explored. The two adventurers will soon wished they have never been to this region...

"What did you find?!?" Lego asked Tim excitedly, "Maps? Artifacts? TREASURE?!?!" Tim pulled his jackhammer out of the small hole he made with it and said "Nothin'... Just another hard rock. You know, this isn't fun; I want to be an agent again, not a person that digs up un-spiffy rocks..." "I hear ya buddy," Lego said with a sigh, "Life isn't the same anymore..."After a few more countless digs of finding rocks, soil, and gravel, Lego said "Ok, this is my last try. If I don't find anything here, our lives are gunna be boring like this forever..." He dug a few feet with his jackhammer... nothing. Lego came out of the hole he dug with tears in his eyes. "I can't look at that hole," Lego said, facing Tim instead. "I'm not sure if I can live like this forever Tim...It's just that I..." Tim zoned out for a moment. He saw behind Lego a little black line of liquid spraying upward from the hole he just dug. "Uhhh...Lego..." "Don't interrupt me, Tim, I'm being serious!!!"

After listening to more useless blab from Lego, Tim finally said "LEGO!!!!!!" "WHAT." He smirked and said "Look behind you." Lego moved his head and glanced at his hole that was starting to fill up with a sticky black liquid. Lego gasped and said "Tim... Is it just me or did I hit and underground oil pipe from the Boiler Room..." "Yup," Tim replied, "You did." "Well then," Lego said with a big smirk on his face, "This only means one thing... THE SPIFFY BROS ARE BACK!" Lego took off running and yelled back to Tim "C'mon! We gotta go tell G at once!" Tim smiled and softly said to himself "Yup, the spiffy bros are back." He then took off running to catch up with Lego.

When they got to HQ, G, Rookie, Dot, and the Jet Pack Guy were around the big T.V. G heard their footsteps and turned around. "Ahh, look who it is! Our two most advanced agents in the EPF. You two wouldn't have to know about an oil leak that just happened in the mine, now would you?" "Ok," Lego said, "You already know what happened. G, I'm really sorry, we were looking for ancient treasure and I think I dug a little too far down and hit an oil pipe from the boiler room...?" "Precisely," G responded. "We have each and every room on this island monitored, even a lot of things that are underground, like, for example, the pipes to the boiler room." He clicked button on his special TV remote and a diagram came up of a boiler pipe.

"As you can see, this is a normal pipe. The oil is going through perfectly. now, look at the pipe you ran into." G click the button again and the same pipe came up, but this time it was dented in very far.

"The tip of your jackhammer ran into the pipe - which made that area shrink in size and create a small hole on the top of the pipe. Because of that shrink in the size of the pipe, the oil will get clogged. We have 6 days, 23 hours, and 45 minutes before the oil gets too clogged in the pipe and explodes." Everyone gasped. "What happens if the pipe explodes..." Lego asked. "Well, the oil would first cover all of the mines underground, and then rise up into places like the Town, Plaza, and Cove. Finally, it will go into the sea and kill all the fish...one of our main food supplies..." Again, everyone gasped.

"Wait, whoa, whoa," Rookie said, "If it's gunna explode in 6 days and...whatever minutes, then why don't we just put a new pipe in before that?" "Well Rookie, it a little harder than that. If we take off the pipe, then the oil will just start pouring out. Your idea is quite possible, but sadly I do not have the right equipment to do that. Everyone, I have our emergency rafts out at the cove. Go tell every penguin on the island to go their immediately. If they ask why, tell them it's an EPF Emergency. Make sure all the penguins get to the iceberg safely. I already have tents and fish there that will last us a few weeks. We don't have have much time agents, go tell those penguins now! Their lives are in your hands..."


I hope you liked adventure Part 1 of 3! Part 2 of 3 will be out next week :) Thanks for reading!~Tim and Lego

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Enter this site with caution!

Caution! Please enter with care! The newest 3 part adventure is on its way! Ewww it looks like it left a trail of oil all over our site! Well, looks like we need to bring in the cleaning crew... Again. Well I guess this new look will do for now...until the fair ;) Part 1 of 3 comes out this Friday! So check back throughout the week incase they're are any more announcements you might want to know! Part 2 will air the next week then part 3 after our fall fair inspired adventure! This will be a good, one (Can't you see we decorated the site for it?) Until then keep waddling!
-Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co Owner
P.S. if you haven't noticed, Lego is now going to try to make a monthy calendar of when all the adventures come out! It will be located on the right sidebar under each week's poll (If we have one)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dun dun dun...

 Looks like Tim and Lego got another adventure on their way!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventure 10: The Warped Worlds! (Pics Only)

I would like to give Legoboy a big hand/thanks for making all of these hilarious pictures and thinking of the idea! Great job on it dude! - Your friend, Tim250

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends! Without Club Penguin, this blog wouldn't exist! Thank you to the creators, and workers at Club Penguin that always come up with parties and other fun events that we can make adventures from!