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Saturday, December 24, 2011

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: How the Grinch Stole Spiffmas

No single snowflake is the same. Here, I'll tell you the story of one special snowflake, within this snowflake are the who's, the who's live in no other then... WhoVille. Spiffmas is the most spectacular time of the year in WhoVille, all of the who's line up to buy toys, send presents to family, and most of all, prepare their houses for the one, the only, Santa Clause.

Now, there was one "Who" who lived in on the top of "Mount Who" who was different from other who's. He hated Spiffmas, people called him "The Grinch". He was a green.. well, Grinch! There is no other way to describe him.. Only the bravest of people went up to the mountain, and they even fell down the mountain with fear. He also had a trusty side-kick! Well maybe not a side kick, but a cute dog, named Max.

He hated Spiffmas because of one day in school when he was younger he was teased by the soon to be mayor of Who-Ville. "Your 7 and already have a beard!" He said. The Grinch was in love with a girl by the name of Martha May Whovea (Who-V-A). During a secret Santa he was supposed to make her a present, and he made her an angel out of household items, It was great for being put together in one night! The Grinch went into his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He thought about the boy saying that he already had a beard and his teacher saying to look his best. He took a shaver and shaved his face.

The next day in school, he showed up with a bag on his head. He had a bad shave job. His face was all cut up. The children in his class laughed at him. He threw Martha's present on the ground. He shouted "I HATE SPIFFMAS!" and threw the Christmas tree to the ground. All of the children were in shock and ran away. Martha just sat and watched. As the Grinch looked at what he did, he saw Martha. Their eyes just seemed to look at each other and then the Grinch left. Martha picked up her angel he made for her and looked at it, she kept it.

Meanwhile, down in WhoVille, loud music and cheering sounded, preparing the countdown until Christmas. One small Who, Cindy-Lu-Who, worried about the Grinch while the other who's thought of him as a mean, soul-less, GRINCH!

"Daddy? Why do people hate him so much?" Cindy asked her father as he sorted mail into correct boxes. "Well Cindy, We all have had our share with him, he liked to ruin Spifftmas for everyone!" "Well maybe I can make that change!" She said to him. "Well, good luck with that, but don't go up to that mountain!" Mr. Lu-Who said.

"4 DAYS UNTIL SPIFFMAS!" The mayor shouted. The crowds broke out into song "Counting down the Spiffmas clock, Spiffmas Clock.."
"Counting down the Spifftmas clock, 4 days left. BAA!! ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD!" The Grinch shouted while sitting in his bed. "The music is to joyful and triumphant!" he said. Max, his dog sat looking at him. "What are you looking at Maxy?" He said. Max looked at him. The Grinch looked down at WhoVille from the edge of the mountain top. "Disgusting." He saw people dressed in green and red.

The Grinch had a heart that was three times smaller then anyone Else's. He hated the Christmas holiday because as a young boy he was raised by two older ladies who loved Spifftmas. After the day in school, the Grinch decided to run away and moved to the top of the mountain.

Later on that day the Grinch was in his lair, he opened up a hatch and slid down to WhoVille landing in piles of trash. He wore a wacky mask and a long brown cape covering his body, head, and legs. "Merry Christmas!" A man shouted to him. "yea yea.. you too.." The Grinch said murmuring to himself. The Grinch was up to no good like always. He entered through the back of the mail building. He mixed up all of the letters sent to everyone. "What's this?" He said sarcastically. He picked up a pile of mail. "Jury duty? OH MY FAVORITE! Junk mail!" He took a few steps away from the cubbies. "Jury duty for you... and you and you and you!" He said as he threw letters into random bins. "Jury duty, junk mail, jury duty, jury duty. OH I LOVE SPIFFMAS DON'T YOU?" he said laughing.

"Cindy, can you help daddy out and go get a present labeled 'For Mr. Jones' please?" "Sure dad." She said. She walked to the mail room to see a shocking surprise. The Grinch saw her as well. "EEK!" The Grinch screamed. "Yourr.... the...the..the..." Cindy began to say. "The...the....THE GRINCH!!!" The Grinch finished.

The Grinch needed a way to escape. He thought of it! In his one hand was wrapping paper and in the other tape and a bow. "NOW HOLD STILL!" the Grinch screamed. He went around in a circle and tied Cindy-Loo-who up like the biggest Christmas present you had ever seen. The Grinch left the seen as he went through another shoot hidden as a trash can back up to his lair. At this point Cindy's father walked in. "CINDY?" "MMM!!!!!" she yelled. "CINDY WHAT DID YOU DO?" Her father said as he UN-tied her. "It wasn't me! It was the Grinch!" she explained. Her father laughed. "The Grinch would never come down here! Now thanks for your help but I think your mother needs it more at home."

Meanwhile up in the mountains the Grinch was once again getting ready to come down to Whoville to ruin some more things. Once he was down in the village of Who, Cindy saw him once again. This time she just kept walking by. The Grinch, taking food from the bakery went over to a trash can and jumped in. Cindy paid attention to what he did. After there was no longer a sign of him, she went into the trashcan herself. She was sent shooting left, right, upside down, until she landed in a pile of trash bags. She reached the top of Mount Who.

She walked into his lair, and saw the Grinch in his bed talking to Max. So Max, how to ruin Spiffmas this year.. "Mr. Grinch.. Why do you hate Christmas so much?" A voice came from behind a paper divider. "WHAT IN THE SAM HILL WAS THAT?" the Grinch screamed. "It was me.." Cindy said coming out from behind the divider. "How did you get in here?" He said looking for an opening somewhere around his home looking confused. "I snuck up here. Looking for you. I want you to be our Spiffmas Cheer Mister"

It was the day of the Spiffmas Cheer Mister Ceremony and everyone was gathered around. "So.. where is the Grinch at?" He was no where to be seen. "See I told you he wouldn't show!" said a member from the crowd. "He will..." Cindy said to herself. After waiting 5 more minutes and the Grinch not showing up. The mayor proclaimed. "If the Grinch won't be the cheer mister.. I WILL!" The crowd started to cheer. "I. THINK. NOT." The Grinch said as he walked to the podium.

"Cindy-Lou said there was going to be a check?" he said. "No I didn't..." She said. "Well never mind that!" Martha May was standing next to the mayor. The Grinch looked at her, and she looked back as though saying with their eyes "I missed you". "Well, since your here, ON WITH THE CONTEST! BRING OUT... THE CHAIR OF CHEER!" the mayor said. The old ladies who raised the Grinch came up and put a sweater on him with blinking letters saying "I ♥ Spiffmas". The Grinch was placed on the chair of chair being bounced over to the pudding contest! The Grinch had pudding going in his mouth from all of the whos. "No please! Its too much!" He said as he laughed. The Grinch was having a good time for once! A fruitcake contest went the same way. He lead the Christmas Conga line, and even won in a potato sack race. It came down to the present hand-off, and the Grinch didn't have a gift! As it went around he was trying to think what to give to Martha May. When it got his turn he gave her a watch. "WAIT, THAT'S MINE!" The mayor said as he took it back. The Grinch was surprised the see the mayor got him a gift. He opened it and was so happy. Within the box was a shaver.

The Grinch started to fill with anger. To make it worse. The mayor got on one knee and asked Martha if she wanted to marry him. He offered Martha a brand new car as well. Martha took the ring and the car. The Grinch scratched the side of the car making the most terrible noise! "Spiffmas isn't just about the gifts he said. Its about the... MISTLETOE!" He said as he turned around and held the mistletoe up to his butt. The town started to run away. The Grinch was being his Grinch-self again. He took an old mans drink and with a blow torch blew to the tree making the Spiffmas tree in the town go up in flames. The Grinch had ruined Spiffmas once again. He went down the trash shoot back to his house. He thought he has ruined Spiffmas once and for all but he heard in the distance "He can't ruin our Spiffmas, that's why we have a spare tree!"

Once up at his house he thought of the best worst idea. He would create a sled and ruin Christmas by stealing everyones presents. He had everything, the sled, the suit, but he was missing something. A reindeer. "Oh Max...." He called. Max ran to hide, but he was to slow, the Grinch tied an antler to the top of Max's head.
"Welcome to Who-Ville Max!" He exclaimed on top of the first house. "If the fat man can do it, so can I." He tied a rope to his waist and like Shaun White, did a double mctwisty right down the chimney, well until he got stuck. He wiggled down the chimney and got to the bottom. He said "First I must get the stockings, then the presents. Lastly I'll steal the tree from these ungrateful peasants!" And so he did, he stuffed them up the chimney. Then came a voice. "Santa? What are you doing with our tree?" It was Cindy Lou. The Grinch thought up a lie, and thought it up quick. "You see, this light is out, I'll take it to my shop and fix it about!" Cindy Lou agreed and went back up the stairs.

The Grinch took presents from everyone in the village, He had his sleigh and stealing all of the toys from every little girl and boy. He arrived at the last house and with a grin said "I've done it Max! I've ruined Christmas!" Max looked at him. The Grinch flew to the top of Mount-Who until morning. He was surprised to hear that instead of crying, he heard singing. "Maybe Christmas isn't about the toys.." He said. "OW!" he yelled. "YEEE-OUCCHHHHHH" He started to cry "MAX, HELP ME, MAX!" Some Who's say, that the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day. The sled began to slip slowly off of the mountain. "I MUST STOP THE PRESENTS FROM FALLING.." He grabbed the sleigh and pulled his hardest. After pulling, nothing happened. "Well it's only presents, right?" "HEY MR. GRINCH!" Said a voice from the top of the sleigh. "CINDY LOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE!?" "I came to see you, no one should be alone on Spiffmas." "I'm not letting you fall." He said. With all of his might, he picked up the sleigh. With a roar he placed it down unto a safe part of the mountain. "YOU DID IT MR. GRINCH!" Cindy shouted. "Now lets go save Spiffmas!"

They went down the mountain with ease. "HO, HO, HO!" The Grinch yelled. The Who-Ville officer came up to the Grinch. "You caught me officer! I stole, and I'm sorry." "YOU HEARD HIM." the mayor said. "Yes, he said he was sorry." the officer replied. "Mr. Mayor. You can have your ring back. I am in love with another man." Martha said. The Mayor's mouth dropped. "Me?" The Grinch said pointing to himself. Martha nodded. The Grinch started dancing around. "YAY! WHOPPIE! SHE LIKES ME BETTER! WOOO!!!!"

And that Spiffmas day, the Grinch held the Who Feast, and he himself cut the roast beast. It just goes to show, that Spiffmas isn't a time of getting gifts, or waiting for Santa, but being kind to others. The Grinch gathered around with the rest of Who-Ville to sing a song around the Spiffmas tree.

Merry Christmas guys, I hope you liked the adventure even though it was kinda long, I've worked hard on it.
New Adventures in the new year?
We'll see!
I'll try to post more guys, until next time...
Have  a Merry Christmas!
-Tim250 and Legoboy612

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tim Shorts: My feelings on Christmas

Christmas, in my opinion is the best time of the year,
Turning on the radio with plenty of Christmas tunes to hear.
I just love the feel of it, waiting for that BIG Christmas snow,
But crossing my fingers that the decorations outside won't blow!

The Christmas tree that I look at with lights galore,
It intriges me and I feel like I just want to explore.
Putting up the ornaments on that Christmas tree,
It gives me a feeling that is a mix of cheer and glee.

Putting up the lights gives me a feeling of pride,
That means decorating both out and inside.
All of the reindeer, penguins, and lights,
covering the yard and everything in sight.

Sometimes I forget the reason why Christmas is there,
Its because of a little boy born on December 25th that would save us with his loving care.
Christmas isn't just about all the presents and toys,
Even though it makes all children happy, including girls, and boys.

Do we ever take the time to thank the people in our life?
I know sometimes its hard to say "thank you" to the people who you just want to stab with a knife (sorry for the violence, i needed a rhyme.)
Just the remember one thing this year,
Be sure that you are thankful, happy, and full of cheer.

HEY-O EVERYONE! I felt like its been forever since I've posted!
Audience member:"BECAUSE IT HAS!"
ok ok... Well the Christmas theme is in the process... It should be all green and red soon!
Well My Christmas igloo is done (notice I changed the subject..)

I'd love to see how your igloo's look, feel free to upload a picture of your igloo to photobucket, tinypic, or whatever photo saving program you have and comment showing us them, we'll even post them on here!

How did you guys liek my poem? Once again.. Feel free to leave a comment!

New Adventures Await!
-Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Owner (WITH ANDY :D )

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tim Shorts: Who Rule The Skies? FIRE!

The time has come, Sensei is hosting a Card Jitsu party where Fire can go against water. Lego and myself went onto a server to show that fire is better then water! We rounded up a group of ninjas. From an email I recently got I noticed it said that if there was a big group of us, we could change the sky. Lego questioned if I was right, and the 2 of us showed everyone that we could change the sky. "WE NEED MORE NINJAS!"we yelled. we rounded up enoguh ninjas and headed for the beach.
See that water ninja saying "bye bye"? We scared him away. He put up a good fight but the fire was to strong for him to put out with his water. "Cya next time dude!" I yelled. "Lets go to the dock!" Lego and I agreed.

 At the dock we did the same thing, no water member would come anywhere close to our volcanoes and hot sauce. The skies were once again, bright orange. "Lets aim for something bigger!" Lego said. "TOWN!" he yelled. I repeated saying "THE TOWN!"

While in the town we rounded up the most members yet! We had about 3 or 4 new people join our group, the water tribe tried to make it rain, and they sucecced. "TO THE SNOW FORTS!" I yelled.

The fire team made sure to stay on our side of the Snow Forts. The people on the water side were creaming "WHATS HAPPENING TO THE SKY!" The water team found out our secret. "WATER TRIBE! DO YOUR MOVE!" Water Ninjas danced and made it rain. Sadly Lego needed to leave. It was the rest of our tribe and myself left. "CMON GUYS! WE CAN DO THIS!" I yelled. We gained the sky back!

I was next to leave! I left about 5 minutes later then Lego finishing saying my good byes to all of my new friends. I finished by saying "GO FIRE!!"
TEAM FIRE IS BEST! (well atleast until I finally get my water suit, Only 40% until I have all of the items!)
The island was turned to fire once again, well atleast for now. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen! Please be seated... *MUSIC PLAYS*

THATS RIGHT! HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS HAS WON!!!!!! The Story is already being started on! If it weren't for you guys we wouldn't have known what movie to be re made! "How the Grinch Stole Spiffmas" The CPSA  Christmas Spectacular will be here soon! (CHRISTMAS ISN'T TOO FAR AWAY) But first... A ninja adventure? We'll see...  The Poll is Now Closed!
Once again, Thank you guys for voting!
Have a happy Thanksgiving if we don't talk before then ;)
Leave a comment of what movie YOU voted for! We would love to hear from you.
 BY THE WAY... If I have time I might do ANOTHER Christmas special with the second place movie.... RUDOPLH THE RED NOSED REINDEER! But we'll just have to see...

NEW ADVENTURES AWAIT! (a Qoute from the real Rockhopper)
~Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Need You!

That's Right! The Title says it all! We need you! See the poll about right >>>>>>>
There. Well we need you to vote for what you think we should do for our Christmas Specail, it MIGHT (not promising) might be made into a movie! We did one Last year, "A Spiffmas Carol" which was a take off of A Christmas Carol, and it was one of our best adventures ever (in my mind)! We need one more spectacular this year! Notice the poll is multiple answers, what does it mean if its a tie? Well.... Lets just see what happens ;)

We are asking you to please select your vote and help us make this years Christmas Adventure by selecting which one we should do! This Christmas will be filled with Christmas Spirts and great surprises! For now lets see if it will snow early on Club Penguin... CARD JITSU SNOW MIGHT BE COMING! So once again, please cast your vote, the poll won't be up for long!!

Here is what our final product of "A Spiffmas Carol" was, its movie..

The Spiffmas Carol Adventure is here (click the name of it): Adventure 4: CHRISTMAS SPECAIL- A Spiffmas Carol

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Future of CPSA

Lego here with just a quick note.

The 13 Days of Horror was a disaster...I'm still very sorry we didn't post the posts on time, school has been tough lately.  Thank you so much Tim for writing a lot of them.

But that is not why I'm writing this note to you.

As I told you before, CPSA will not be writing weekly adventures anymore. This does not mean we're gunna go downhill though. Just wait...

Something big is gunna happen.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventure 13: Night of the Living Sled (CPSA edition)

I am here to tell you the story of how my friend Lego and I escaped from danger during the annual Club Penguin Halloween Party. Now please, enter through the door of the theater and I will be glad to tell you the story.. Bwha ha ha!
So, there we were, both of us trick or treating like every kid would do on Halloween. I dressed up as a wizard and Lego was a western cowboy, we stopped by all the houses we could. "Hey Tim!" Lego called, "I heard that there's an awesome haunted house just down the road! I really wanna check it out! Do you mind coming with me?" I thought about it, I looked at my almost full basket of candy and finally said "Sure!"
So, we went through the Plaza passing the now decorated Puffle Shop, the manhole to the slime pool, and the creepy Pizza Parlour! We arrived in the forest.. I heard a big deep "GULP" from Lego. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing, nothing.." He responded. I knew he was scared. We walked to the hollow tree with the sign above us reading "HAUNTED HOUSE" We looked up at the gigantic house. "I'm not sure about this Lego." I said. There was no response back from him. I looked back to see him staring down a hole.
We walked down the stairs to find what seemed to be a secret lab (Yes, we forgot read the sign!). "This seems like its more scary then the haunted house itself."I said. "Yeah. It looks like this belongs to some creepy old man.." Lego said. "That thing looks dangerous.." I said pointing to an unknown object. Then.. It happened.. The room went dark.. "AHHHH!" We both screamed. "I think I saw a switch over by that jack-o-lantern!" I exclaimed. I walked over to the glowing Jack-O-Lantern and flipped the switch, but something else also happened when I turned them on.
A zap off a table witch was in the middle of the lab and getting up from the table was a horrible sight. An average sled had just been turned to life by us. Lego said the words that I will never forget "We created a monster." We ran as fast as we could up the stairs. The sound of the Sled was falling closer and closer behind. We ran so far we came across penguins houses, there was no time for trick or treating. We just needed to run.
We hid behind a giant pumpkin and devised a plan. We would loose the sled by running into my house and going into the box dimension before it could find us. "HEY DUMB SLED! WERE OVER HERE!" Lego yelled. We ran for our lives, literally. We ran in my house, shut the door and both jumped into the box, I closed the lid to the box and threw it over with more boxes. I had tricked the sled to think that we went into a home where the penguins were moving... We heard a big bang from the house. "I think its all clear." I said. We peeked out of the box to see the sled bouncing off in the distance. We were safe from the sled, but the island would need to find a way to get it themselves. The sled kept bouncing on.
The End
Or is it....
Thank you for reading! Have a fun time at the Halloween Party! Have a Spooky Halloween! Make sure to get lots of Candy! And make sure to comment about what you thought about the adventure!
New Adventures Await!
-Tim250 (and Legoboy612)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone Black and White!

Thats right! Club Penguin Spiffy Adventures has gone all out for our newest adventure! It WILL be out tonight/tomorrow! So look forward to seeing it! Are you excited for it? I sure know I am! I'm so excited I'm SCARED! Bwa-ha-ha!!! Enjoy the new adventure!

Gary says the ghost finder 3000 is off the charts!!!

Happy Hauntings!
-Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner
(P.S. Thank you Slider94 for the WICKED banner!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tim Shorts: 13 Days of Horror-Alternate Endings

Day 13: Mr. Parkowitz (Alternate Ending #1)
Day 13: Mr. Parkowitz (Alternate Ending #2)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adventure 13 sneak peek UPDATE

Ok... so the sneak peek we showed you for adventure 13 won't be for advenutre 13. I had a great idea for a holloween specail! Trust me, it will be SPOOKY GOOD! Its an advenutre totally different from any of the others you've ever seen before! I have all the pictures, and they look great! The adventure will be twice as good! It should be out sometime this week. You won't want to miss it! So thats it! Cya soo.... WAIT! I HAVE ANNOTHER SNEAK PEEK! A PICTURE! I don't want to give it away, so... see if you can figure this one out... heh heh heh...
Excited for it? I AM!
-New SPOOKY adventures await! BWHA HA!

The 13 Days of Horror: The final 2 days

The moment you've all been waiting for... The final two days... Enjoy!
Day 12: (Mr. Parkowitz)
Finally... Day 13: Mr. Parkowitz
We hope you enjoyed our holloween specail.. The 13 Days of Horror! Thank you for reading!
-New Adventures Await you!
The CP Adventure Staff

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 10 and 11 - Melissa and Joe!

Dear fellow CPSA reader, I'm very sorry for not posting lately. I've been just overblown with homework. I feel really bad promising a new post each day but breaking my promise. I'm sorry but Tim and I are stopping the whole "New adventure every week" concept. We will have at least one a month, probably 2 sometimes :)

I really hope you understand...Sorry guys!

But anyway let's talk 13 Days of Horror! Say whaaaa? Melissa died when she was writing her letter? TH E MURDERER HAS STRIKED AGAIN! Dun dun dun...
There is now enough clues in the story to figure out who the murderer was! Do you know who? ;-)

Comment your thoughts!

~Legoboy612, CPSA Co-owner

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adventure 13 Sneak Peek

"Good work today guys! You've done it! You defeated not only Herbert but the new villai....." Yes, by the title and this excerpt above, yes, I'm crazy, and Everything is litterally "Upside-down" Lets take a step back. We can't have an end before the beginning! Lets make this sneak peek a little fun! Ok, reading upside-down is hard, so I'll make it a little easier. *POW* I just transformed the test below this, try your best to see if you can figure it out!


Think you know what this means? Leave a comment below!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

13 Days of Horror: Days 3 & 4- Mr Parkowitz

(Day 3)
(Day 4:)
Sorry guys!
Andy has been busy with school the past few days and it seems I need to pitch in! He said he would do them but doesn't seem to have time for them! Me and my buddy Slider are working on days 3 and 4

Sorry for the inconveince! New Adventures Await!
~Tim250 CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner

Sunday, October 2, 2011

13 Days of Horror: Day 1 - Mr. Parkowitz

The 13 Days of Horror: What are they?

Hello one and all! This October will be filled with monstrous surprises, snickers, and scares! We are kicking off with a 13 day extravaganza, tune in everyday this week and a quarter of next week for what we like to call "The 13 days of horror". Sounds Scary right? Well we are able to fill you in on the plot:
A famous writer and multi millionaire penguin by the name of Bill Flipper-Gates has been found killed, one detective is on the case and has narrowed it down to 5 people who were sighted near the case. The detectives name? Mr. Parkowitz
From left to right... Blaster, the jock, Melissa, a 13 year old penguin, Joe, the cool "gangsta" type guy who evryone seems to like, Skeeter, the swimmer, and Sammy, a pet shop employee.
Our detective, Mr. Parkowitz, has set up an interview with all of the penguins and will find out who did it even if it mean he be murdered while trying to find out who did it. The 1st of the 13 days start tomorrow, and won't be just any old posts, they will be from the real journal entries of the detective and suspects.
Prepare for a new type of scare!!
~Tim250 and Legoboy612

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Adventure 12: Fumble at the Fair

It was a great day to go to Club Penguins annual fall fair, the sound of penguins winning tickets, the joy of seeing little penguins winning the prize the wanted from the prize booth, and the joy of knowing the island was safe from a certain polar bear. "Yes! One of my favorite parties! The Fall Fair!" Tim exclaimed as he took a big breath of the Autumn air. "Ah, I know. I love all these games! And look at the prizes!" "I know! I love the big hat," Tim said, "and I see you love your new plush toy!" Tim said with a smirk. Tim and Lego were having fun walking around the island, playing different games and eating all the delicious treats. "Tim look! Rockhopper's ship! Maybe he is on it!" Lego said acting like the small penguin he once was. "I doubt it, there's no crowd!"
They entered the ship, and went down to the ships hold. "Wanna play a game of Treasure Hunt with me buddy?" Tim said to Lego. "Sure, as long as you don't mind LOOSING!" He said. They walked up to the door and Lego took out the key to the quarters he found in the book room. They walked in and "there she blows" Rockhopper was siting in his chair surrounded by treasure. "ARR! Hey me buck-os! You be wanting to play a game of Treasure Hunt do ye? How bout we head over to the pizza parlor and grab a bite before we play!" He said. Lego and Tim were both speechless. Rockhopper lead them out of the ship and onto the island. "Avast! The Club Penguin island! I love to visit, especially during thee fair! HAR HAR!" They walked through the dock and to the decorated town, ran past penguins having a snow ball fight at the candy colored snow forts and finally arrived at the pizza parlor. "Hey Lego, Rockhopper, wanna chow down in a pizza eating contest?" "Umm...DUH!" Lego said. Rockhopper gave a hardy "HAR!" of approval, and they went on eating. "MmHm Myshm Hisml" Rockhopper said with his mouth full (No one really knows what he said). DING! Went a bell. Lego had won!
"Aww Man!" Tim said. "Nice job me matey! Excuse me...Waiter, can we have one more pizza?" He asked. "Well...Um...Sir...I mean...Captain...Rockhopper.. We don't have anymore food. It seems to have been stolen." Tim and Lego both gasped. "Lego, you know what this means." "Oh yeah." He responded. Rockhopper was in shock. He started running wondering what to do. "Rockhopper! Me and Lego deal with this stuff all the time, we'll get whoever stole the food. We just might need you to help." "I be in!" He answered. "Hey guys, this might help, it was left behind in the kitchen." The waiter said as he handed them small objects.
They walked out of the Pizza Parlor and towards the now "Bumper Car Stadium". They went to the food stand in there. "Any food here?" "NO! YOU JUST MISSED IT! SOMETHING CAME IN REAL FAST AND TOOK ALL THE FOOD! LIKE DUDE IT WAS SO FAST AND IT-" "Ok, were going to stop you right there," Lego said acting professional, "We have all the information we need. Thank you." "Just trying to help!" the penguin said. "Good luck! Hope you catch hi-" "Oh we will!" Lego said. "Ok, so we know its fast, and these small parts, it looks like it came from the clock tower..." Tim said "Arr...Guys, ye best be to look at this." Rockhopper pointed to a path ending to the town. "OMG! ROCKHOPPER! ITS REALLY YOU!" A penguin yelled. "Oh no! I've been spotted! Go on without me mateys! I will hold off the crowd!" "Ok Rockhopper, Cya soon!" Both Tim and Lego said. "ARR! WHO HAS BEEN LIKING THE FAIR?" Rockhopper shouted. "ME!" "ME!" "ME ROCKHOPPER!" "ME!" screams of penguins said. The town looked as though it was deserted. "These tracks aren't penguin footprints." Tim pointed out, "They look like tire tracks."
"TIM! THAT'S IT! FAST, THESE BOLTS AND MEDAL PIECES, TIRE TRACKS! I THINK WERE TRACKING DOWN-" "PRO-TO BOT..." Tim said finishing his sentence. "But. . . How could he have been started again? As far as I know, Herbert is still asleep... Do we have another villain we need to deal with?" Lego asked. "Looks like it. But we have no time! If its getting all of the food, there are still four stands left! The juice stand, country preservatives, burgers, and last ice cream! If its fast I say our best chance of getting him is going to he last stand, because after all he is fast!" Tim explained. "Good idea!" Lego said. Lego then took out his spy phone and said the words, "Teleport! Mountain!" They were now at the mountain. "Quick hide!" Lego and Tim hid behind the big neon sign that was read "Penguin Run". They heard a noise, "Beep Boop! Must get food!"
"Please! NO NO!!!!!" said the penguin in the ice cream stand. "STEP AWAY FROM THE STAND PRO-TO BOT!" Lego yelled as he came out from the behind the penguin run sign. Tim put his head down. "What?" Lego asked. "He can't step, he like.. rolls so it wasn't the best choice of words.." "Ok Tim! ROLL AWAY FROM THE STAND PRO-TO BOT!" "Ok, that's better." Tim said with a smile on his face. "BEEP! EPF AGENTS TIM AND LEGO! BEEP"
Pro-to bot took the ice cream machine and took a "Wheel"(run) for it (he ran away). And was heading towards the town. Surprisingly Jet Pack guy was testing his strength at the "Ring the Bell" stand. "JPG! WE NED YOU TO GO GET ROCKHOPPER! WE NEED TO SLOW PRO-TO BOT DOWN!" "PRO-TO BOT?" Jet Pack Guy yelled in shock. "NO TIME FOR EXPLANATION, GET ROCKHOPPER AND TELL HIM TO GO TO THE EXTRA GAME ROOM!" Tim said. "Will do!" He said while he took off for the sky. Pro-to bot went to the coffee shop looking for more food. Tim and Lego followed. "Oh Probot!" Lego said holing a freshly made snow cone, "You want this?" "BEEP PRO-TO BOT WANT FOOD-BEEP" "Then come and get it!" Lego said, "RUN TIM!" they ran out of the coffee shop as fast as they could and ran through the snow forts. They then went to the extra games room and found a huge crowd! Rockhopper had listened! Probot came into the crowd looking for Tim and Lego who were now disguised as red pirate penguins. "OVER LOAD! OVER LOAD! MUST ABORT MISSION" Pro-to bot said. "NOT SO FAST!" Rockhopper said blocking his way out. "Give me thee food and you be free to go!"
"Good robot! HAR HAR!" Rockhopper said as Pro-to bot put all the food on the ground. "You be free to go, but don't be disrupting ye next fair ya hear!" Pro-to bot set off into the woods. "YO HO! WE HAVE DONE IT! THE FOOD BE BACK! HAR!" "Yes! Thank you Captain Rockhopper, if it wasn't for you we would be starving this whole party! Thank you a million!" Lego said. "Yes, we have the food back, but... Do we know who programmed Pro-to bot again?" Tim asked. "Oh sure it was... Wait... WE DON'T!" Lego said. "Well if we have Herbert and Klutzy, then who did it." Tim said. Jet Pack Guy came into the conversation, "Hey Tim...We actually don't have Klutzy..." "Then I think I know who did it." Lego said.
Thank you for reading adventure 12! sorry for being a day late! School has got us both VERY busy! Have a fun rest of the time at the fair! Stay tuned for October!
New Adventures Await!
~Tim250 and Legobyo612

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tim Short's 6: Meeting the Captain Himself

~αℓℓ σƒ тнιѕ ιѕ αвѕσℓυтєℓу тяυє, ησт σηє ѕιηgℓє ραят σƒ ιт ιѕ ƒαℓѕє! αη∂ тнαтѕ тнє тяυтн!~
So I waddled on to the server Iceburg just a few days ago, while I wasn't looking at the screen out of the small crowd of people logging into the server popped out one of the great Club Penguin legends, the one, the only, Rockhopper.
"AHOY ME MATEYS! DO YE BE LIKING THE FAIR?" he yelled. It seemed I was the only one excited and I waddled over to him as fast as I could. "I LOVE IT!" I yelled. but something was different about him this time.. He was wearing a Migrator costume! I was the only one who seemed to be moving (besides Rockhopper of course!). He ran to the snow forts, rounding people up, one by one people joined him. "Let us go play a fair game! Puffle Paddle sound good?" He said. At this moment I was so excited I needed to click his player card to make sure it was him!
It was true! He ran to the forest, and I sure followed, with no "Full Room" to stop me now! He sat near the puffle paddle game and shouted "Dang! I be so bad at this game! Arr!" People started to notice him. "Great! A crowd!" I yelled sarcastically. I am known as "Toast" because Tim250 does not show on club penguin! I shouted "ROCKHOPPER! CAN YOU GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO TOAST?" Everything was quiet... "ROCKHOPPER LIKES PIRATES TOAST!" He yelled.
This was when it was getting serious! After saying that, he said "OH NO! YARR BE MISSIN!" He made us all search around. "YARR?! YARR BUDDY? WHERE YE BE?" He told us to search the cove for this fun little red sidekick of his! "Arg! I think I might know where he has gone!"
Once at the iceburg, we all went searching "He always be hidden in these, and he blends in so good!" said Rockhopper. By this time I was changed and ready to rock the fair. I too had my Migrator costume on! "ROCKHOPPER! IS THIS YARR?" I said as I stood in the balls.
"WHY I'LL BE! IT IS YARR!" "THANK YE!" He said as Yarr appeared by his side. It had now been close to 8 minutes from when he logged on. I knew he would need to leave soon! "Rockhopper! Can you tell us a story?!" "Hmm... Why yes! I think I can spare ye a tale!" "Lets go to the cove for the story!" He said. I followed.
I was able to sit right next to him for him to tell the story. "Aye! Well this tale be true!" He said. "I looked off yonder and say the biggest rock I'd ever seen!" I gasped. "It was coming so close to the ship so fast, I wasn't able to turn away! It hit the ship so hard! It left a hole! The water starting gushin' in! I had to clog the hole up fast! Can ye guess what I did?" "YOU USED YARR?" someone yelled. "Nahh! I not be using Yarr!" "A squid!?" "No, no squid!" "A boot? No!" "I used me treasure maps to clog it! Good thing I know how to get her by memory! HAR HAR!" He got up from his spot and by this time a huge crowd had found out about him. "I be needing to set sail! New adventures await!" (NEW CATCH PHRASE FOR ME? COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT ;D ) He got up and said a harty goodbye. He walked to the water with Yarr and disapeared. That day I had seen Rockhopper in a new perspective. That day will always be remembered by me, and hopefully my new pal, Rockhopper!
~New Adventures Await!
Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner

Club Penguin

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