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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sneak Peek Of Adventure 3! Shh! :)

Hey everyone! I hope you liked our part 1 and 2 story of the Mountain Expedition, and now since we are officially opened, (WOOT!) I got a little sneak peek for next weeks adventure comic:

Yep that's right, someone trashed Sensei's Dojo. This adventure will come out next weekend (If all goes well)
AND... There might be a party coming up to celebrate our Grand Opening.

    Keep it SPIFFY! =D
  ~Lego and Tim

Adventure #2: The Journey Of A Lifetime

It was Tim. "Hiya Buddy!" Tim said. "Tim! Where have you been? I've been waiting for you!" I asked. "Well, with all the angry mob of explorers charging toward the mountain, we got separated." "Ooooh! LOL!," I said in reply, "But Tim, can we start now? I want to find the golden necklace" "Sure!" My spiffy buddy said. So we were off.
      It was already dark, and our first challenge was a few miles up the mountain. There was a huge gap with icicles hanging above. "Well Tim, that gap's too big to jump...We need to find something to make a bridge..." "I'm all on this, Lego." Tim said. Tim took out his bunny plush toy, put on his ninja mask, flung his bunny into the air saying "Hooowaaaaaa!!!" and all of a sudden, The bunny's ears turned into huge swords and SLICED the icicles into a bridge! Tim did a back flip in air, caught his bunny, and fell perfectly on his feet. "Whoa, Tim! HOW DID YOU DO THAT???" "Well you know...I like to keep it spiffy." 
        We were getting very sleepy and we couldn't walk anymore, so we decided to put up our tent and campfire for the night.
The next day, we hiked up more of the mountain. I could see the top, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I know the Yeti Necklace is up here somewhere. "Hey Lego, my shoe's untied, let me stop for a sec" While he tried to tie his shoe while balancing on one foot, he was loosing his balance. "Uh-oh...Aaaahh!!!!!" Tim fell into a huge piece of ice. He got up and said, "Whoa...Well at least I got my shoe tied..." There was a huge rumbling sound. The huge chunk of ice was moving into a little doorway. We have found the lair of the Yeti. There was a huge ship, with ice everywhere. Huge animals that look like they could be relatives of Mullet were froze in the ice. Then I saw it, The Golden Necklace Of Knowledge. I ran up into the ship with Tim, and put it around my neck. All of a sudden it got dark, and Tim said, "Lego, I don't think the sun is going down..." We turned around, and saw a great big ball of white fur, the Yeti. We tried to run, but there was no use. He just took us up in his big, burly, hands. "I see you have my Golden Necklace." "Uhh...Yes.." Lego said. "How do I know I should give this necklace to you?" "Well, I'm a...a very good person and I would take good care of it..." "Well, I don't believe you," The Yeti said. "If you can show me, I'll give you this necklace." The Yeti jumped off the boat, and we heard a rumbling song. The icicles from the ceiling were starting to fall, and we could see the ice walls cracking. "AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!!" We all screamed. The three of us ran out and starting running as fast as we can. We could see the supply camp again, but we had to pass over the ice bridge. We all took turns going on the bridge, Tim first, Lego second, and the Yeti third, Tim and Lego made it over safely, but the Yeti was too heavy and broke the ice! "HELP!!!!!!!" The Yeti yelled. He was holding on by a hand, and the snow was getting closer! Lego ran back and took his hand and pulled him back up. The Supply camp was only a few hundred feet away. We finally made it!!!! We were all safe and the Yeti finally spoke up and said "You have proven your trust to me, here is your Necklace Of Knowledge." "Wow thank you so much, Yeti!" 
         And so, everything turned out fine, and Lego got to  
 keep the Necklace Of Knowledge.
       New Adventures coming soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventure #1: The Curse Of The Yeti Necklace

There I was, sitting in a camp site, in my fuzzy boots, brown and red jacket, red and green scarf, and my new fuzzy hat I got at the Supplies Store. I was sitting around the campfire, thinking about all the rumors I had heard about this mountain I would soon be hiking on.
 People have said, there's a secret room up there, where a huge Yeti lives. Some believe that he's a relative of Herbert, others believe if you look into the eyes of him, your whole body will vaporize into water, or be vanished into mid air. Finally, others believe that he has a golden necklace, that if you put on, you will gain wisdom to life. Others have already started this hunt to find the Yeti, but I will not start my perilous journey until my best friend, Tim comes. I'm a little frightened by going up this mountain, but I can't turn down this opportunity. It was getting dark, no one else was at the supply camp anymore. Suddenly there was a gush of wind into my numb face, and I saw a figure, towering over me with a lantern.
                              TO BE CONTINUED.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Virtuial World: Toons Tunes! :D

Hey everyone!

     There is a new virtual world called Toons Tunes! It's really fun! My name on it is King Of Pop, and Tim's name on it is Spiffy Tim! I'm trying to become a Promoter on it! (A Promoter is kinda like a mod) There is gunna be a Back To School Concert on August 28th! :D I can't wait! I hope you all make an account! www.toonstunes.com

    Keep it SPIFFY!
      ~Lego (King Of Pop)  :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Construction is almost done! =D

After many hours of making banners, fixing colors, sidebars and more, the construction is almost coming to a close!
I want to say thanks to my friend Slider94, for making the banner, Both our penguins, the background and getting the colors. I would also want to thank Hedgehog14 for helping with the title colors and such :) We hope you have a great time here, and we WILL have a comic for ya soon. Here's a hint, =O Did you see that up in that mountain? ;-)
               Waddles on and keep it SPIFFY! =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand "Spiffy" Opening! =D

Hey everyone! Welcome to...The Super Awesome Spiffy Adventures of...TIM AND LEGO!!! Tim250, and I, Legoboy612 are going on adventures in Club Penguin and are going to make a sort-a "comic book" where you can read them! Not only that but we will keep you updated on the latest Club Penguin cheats! :D Well that's it for now!

             Waddle on and keep it SPIFFY! =D

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends! Without Club Penguin, this blog wouldn't exist! Thank you to the creators, and workers at Club Penguin that always come up with parties and other fun events that we can make adventures from!