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Actors Wanted!

Calling all actors wanting to be in upcoming spiffy adventures! Thats right! We need you! All we need you to do you ask? Here's what:
1) SMILE! (Make sure that Club Penguin is avalible to you or you will not be able to be in any pictures in the post if they are needed!)
2) Be ready to listen! (If you don't listen to what the directors of the adventure say and don't participate when asked to, you will not be able to be in it!)
3) Get in your applications! (Make sure you get to tell us that you would like to be in an upcoming adventure before we start to work on one. You will be in the adventure in the order you ask in.)

To tell us you can have three ways!
1) ask us on our xat chat accounts
2) leave a comment under THIS PAGE or any post (If you have already asked to be in one you will be able too)
3) or shoot us an email at CPAdventures@gmail.com

Thanks guys and don't forget to follow the site! Maybe we'll see you in our next adventure!
  ~CP Adventures Staff


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Willhopper (will7b in some other virtual worlds), and I would like to be in an adventure with ya.
- Willhopper

Tim said...

Okay! Sounds Great! We wil try to fit you into one of the adventures we are in the process of making! Thank you! and if you happen to have an xat account please tell us your name and visit our "Meet us on xat" page, we might need to talk with you on it. :)
-Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-owner

LoonyLunaPi said...

Hello:) My name is LoonyLunaPi(Loony), but my CP username is Lemon2608. I really want to be in one of your adventures!!!!! Thx!


CP Adventures Staff said...

Hey Loony! We'll definitely put you as a part in a future adventure! If we post something about actors wanted on the home page, please comment! :D

Keep Adventuring!

~Lego, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-owner

Smiley34710 said...

Hi, I'm Smiley34710 (also Smiley34710 on Club Penguin, but most people know me as Smiley) and I'd love to be in an adventure. I've made videos before on my YouTube channel and would like to star in a video with someone else!


Tim said...

Hey Smimey! We will also try to incorporate you in one of our next adventures! We wil inform in in which one! As of now we aren't in need of any in or current adventures, but you and others WILL be in one!

Keep Adventuring!
~Tim250, CP SPiffy Adventures Co-Owner

P.s. Sorry but of adventures are usually written, but we do make adventure speails that we can make into videos! I'll see if you can help us in one of those :)

Tim said...

sorry I typoed alot :P

WillowHazel60 said...

Hey:) I'm Loony, I just have to use my Pottermore account username now. Anyway, I had an idea! For 13 Days of Horror, you should make a movie for it!!

CP Adventures Staff said...

Great idea! I'll talk to Tim about it :)

Thanks and keep adventuring!

~Legoboy612, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner

Anonymous said...

Dear Spiffy Team,

I Am a Non-member on Clubpenguin.
But, I am a pink rare bunny.
Since Time has a pink bunny in his hands, I thought I could mybe join in. I can hide out of the screen if Tim is holding me so that the picture does not look terrable.(I might be on top of Tim, be at the back of him,ect) I could Mybe (like the adventure of trapping herbet/ snow race) Reach the top of the screen or go boomerang and so on.
I would love to be in one of the plays. My name on Clubpenguin is (a bit silly but it is) Mammamjj but you may erase the name if it looks ugly. Tell me if i must use capital letters at the beginning of the word for Example: Clubpenguin Spiffy Team.

love the adventures!


Anonymous said...

This is all the hats Mammamjj has! Yes, it is one whole lot for a non-member!

taco hat, drill hat, black and purple fair hat, green ear-phones, green propeller hat, pirate bandana and hat, princess fluffy crown, drill hat, blue and white wizard hat, purple and white wizard hat, green climbing helmet, Christmas fizzy beanie with red pom pom on top, hunter’s hat, red new penguin hat, purple propeller, blue puffle hat, lazer detecting hat, ice cream hat, purple squid hat, pumpkin hat,6th anniversary hat, artist hat, jester hat and the balloonist hat.

I want to use my Special bunny hat for Tim-Since he has a bunny in his hands. I will like to be in the adventure.

I photo-shop pictures and it looks as if it is drawn or taken from real life!

I will take a shot at you E-mail and write a script, give you ideas or send pictures.(or all of those!)

Gadgetguy05 said...

I want to be an actor.My name is Gadgetguy05.Hope you choose me to be in the next adventure.I also got an idea make your next adventure about a hurriciane attack CP

Anonymous said...

A hurricane attack sounds cool to me. Annyways, I just want to know if tim or lego is reading this actors wanted thing if so, try to let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hello spiffy team! My name on cp is Penguini 101. You can call me penguini. I read a lot of your cp adventures from the past. I really enjoyed them! I don't know if your still making adventures, but I would love to be in one!
If you do want me in one, tell me what to do to be in it.

Until then, waddle on ;)

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