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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventure 15: The End of Herbert (part 2)

Excerpt from the end of "Tim and Lego finally Trapped Herbert once and for all! Club Penguin is finally safe from him, but there was one downfall; the crab Klutzy had escaped..."

 "5 months Tim, 5 months" , Lego said. "What?" Tim said drowsy waking from his sleep. "Its been 5 whole months since we defeated Herbert." "OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS TODAY?" Tim asked. "Um... Saturday? I think..." "QUICK, LETS GO TO THE DOCK!" "Umm.. Ok" Lego said confused.

  "The Underwater Party!! Sweet!!" Lego said. "Yeah, and I know someone who helped to make this party.." Tim said with a smirk. "Hey guys!" said a voice. It was Rookie! "Rookie! Long time no see!" Lego said, "So you helped with this party?" "Yes! Don't you guys love it? Make sure you guys check out the Maze.." Rookie was stopped when he spy phone began to ring. "Hello? Mhm.. Yeah. WELL DUH! He is in hibernation. Yeah, remember, Lego and Tim helped us out.." Lego smiled at Tim. "Wait.. What? REALLY? OH NO, THIS IS BAD. WE'LL BE RIGHT THERE." They only heard Rookie's side of the conversation. They knew it wasn't good though. "QUICK GUYS, GO TO THE HQ!" Rookie said.

  "Glad you could make it agents, as you see.. We have a bit of a problem.. Herbert.. Isn't there anymore." Gary said. "HOW CAN THIS BE?" Tim screamed. "Well.. As you may know, Hibernation is when it is cold. With all of this water, it isn't too cold anymore." At this time Tim started sweating. "So what are we going to do." That's why you called you guys and Rookie. We need to solve this problem before Penguins start to wonder." Gary said. At this moment the Director came up on the screen. "Tim and Lego, strap on your underwater gear and head out there, we need this island safe, If you have any sign of crabs, report it to the Stealth team and we will capture it. We are on a search for Klutzy, but more importantly, Herbert." "Were up for the mission Director, sir." "Then move out, we'll catch up with you later."

  "Ok, lets split up. Rookie, you check from the Town to the Cove, we'll check from the Town to the Mountain." Lego said. "Ok, good luck guys, Don't forget about the Extra rooms guys! More rooms might mean more crabs!" Rookie said. "Ok, lets go!" Tim said with excitement." "No sign in the coffee, dance club, or gift shop!" Rookie said over his spy phone. "None at the Dock either!" Tim said. "ONE SPOTTED! At the Snow Forts, Stealth agents, Move In!"

Gary beeped in all their spy phones. "DNA test says this one isn't Klutzy, going to use the Crab Translator 3000 to see if he knows anything, hopefully he won't break it like Klutzy did back in the early days of the PSA, I've built it stronger now!" "Ok G, we'll keep looking!" Lego said. "A couple at the beach!" Lego said. "I'm going to check out the maze." Tim said. "By yourself?" Lego asked. "Yeah, I think I can handle it." Tim responded.

  "Come here crabby, crabby, crabby..." Tim said. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye. "WHAT WAS THAT?" he asked himself. He saw a fish swim by. "Oh, it was only a fish.." He looked up and saw a shadow. "What the heck is that?" He looked closer.
"A CRAB! It might be Klutzy.. Now I just have to get my spy phone and... wait.. WHERE IS IT?" He saw it on the ground. A fish was staring at it. "Don't you dare. . ." Tim said to the fish. The fish looked at Tim, then the phone, then Tim. The fish darted for the phone, and so did Tim. Tim was to late though, the fish had eaten it. "Dang fish.. I'LL MAKE A NICE FISH SOUP OUTTA YOU NEXT TIME I SEE YOU! Ughh."

"4 in a group found at the Cove!" Rookie said. "Might take a boat out to the Iceburg, see if anything is out there." "Ok, you do that Rookie, I'm going to check the mountain. Tim is in the maze. Right Tim?" There was no response on the phone. "Tim??" Still no answer. "Oh no, this is bad.. WHAT COULD'VE HAPPENED TO HIM ROOKIE?" "Well... I have some good news and some bad news." Rookie said. "The Bad news is its full of alot of mean sea creatures.." "OH NO, YOU MEAN HE COULD'VE GOTTEN LIKE.. KILLED? EATEN? I'M FREAKING OUT!!! GIVE ME THE GOOD NEWS!!" Lego said in an outburst. "Oh wait. . . There isn't any good news." Lego dropped his phone to the ground. "Lego. . . Are you there?" Rookie asked.

  Meanwhile, Tim was down in the deep ocean. He heard sounds. "CLICK CLICK CLICKEDY CLICK." "I know those clicks," Tim said "that is Klutzy.. I have to go catch him.. and if Klutzy is there, that has to mean Herbert isn't far behind. I got to find a way out of this maze. Why did Rookie have to make it so hard?"

Rookie finally made it to the iceburg. "Lego, G... I think we have an even bigger problem.. Do you guys feel like your going sideways?" "No.." G said. "Well... Lets just say, I might have added too many weights on the one side of the island.."

To Be Continued. . .

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Slider94 said...

AWESOME ADVENTURE!!! Cant wait for the next one :D

Anonymous said...

I like pie soooooooo much

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