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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taking a break

Hey Penguins! Andy and myself have decided (as you can see) to take a break from writing adventures for now, we need some time to think of ideas, in the meantime, go on club penguin and have fun adventures with your friends, enjoy all of the parties and just have fun. We MAY have more adventures in the summer.

While your here.. click the button right under our header labeled "Adventures" and read all of the 15 ADVENTURES we have made and put time into writing. They are all 100% original. Also fel free to go through all of the pages here at CPSA. Have fun guys.

Keep it Spiffy!


Anonymous said...

I have an idea,but not great though. You could mybe search on the net and someone says hey look at that, a dimension traveler. Then they buy it and go to a dimention wnd have fun. You miss your home and want to go back. You both are stuck in dimension and one gives up. Then somehow one comes up with an idea and gets back home.

Another one might be like this.

One gets a lucky item andwin the game. Someone gets curios and steals it. You use this that and the other and defeat him or her by this that and this, but suddenly this this this then yougo to that and se him her is at the building andvsee the penguin only wanted to...

I hope this helped or gave you an idea of another adventure because i miss them

Toasty Tim said...

Thanks for your many ideas, I have read over them and we might think about using them if we run out of ideas!

Stay tuned, we might start up again this upcoming summer!

New Adventures Await!
CP Adventure Staff

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I have tons of them stuck in my head. This sounds crazy but I draw to let them out.

Bunny said...

There is this strange red dot in the telescope at the beacon. Maybe its one of you guys in superppwers

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys. Uh I dont want to be rude but, its been halve a year and you only posted 4 posts. What happened? By the way, you said to anonymous we will try to do that when we run out of ideas. So does this mean theres an adventure on our way? Keep it spiffy;)

Toasty Tim said...

@Bunny The red dot is the beacon we built on the Viking Island with Rockhopper! Very cool, isn't it?
@Anonymous We are very sorry, we have been very busy with everything else, we don't have as much time as we had a few years ago. We have been talking about maybe starting up again soon, but for now we are stalled.

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