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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tim Short's 6: Meeting the Captain Himself

~αℓℓ σƒ тнιѕ ιѕ αвѕσℓυтєℓу тяυє, ησт σηє ѕιηgℓє ραят σƒ ιт ιѕ ƒαℓѕє! αη∂ тнαтѕ тнє тяυтн!~
So I waddled on to the server Iceburg just a few days ago, while I wasn't looking at the screen out of the small crowd of people logging into the server popped out one of the great Club Penguin legends, the one, the only, Rockhopper.
"AHOY ME MATEYS! DO YE BE LIKING THE FAIR?" he yelled. It seemed I was the only one excited and I waddled over to him as fast as I could. "I LOVE IT!" I yelled. but something was different about him this time.. He was wearing a Migrator costume! I was the only one who seemed to be moving (besides Rockhopper of course!). He ran to the snow forts, rounding people up, one by one people joined him. "Let us go play a fair game! Puffle Paddle sound good?" He said. At this moment I was so excited I needed to click his player card to make sure it was him!
It was true! He ran to the forest, and I sure followed, with no "Full Room" to stop me now! He sat near the puffle paddle game and shouted "Dang! I be so bad at this game! Arr!" People started to notice him. "Great! A crowd!" I yelled sarcastically. I am known as "Toast" because Tim250 does not show on club penguin! I shouted "ROCKHOPPER! CAN YOU GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO TOAST?" Everything was quiet... "ROCKHOPPER LIKES PIRATES TOAST!" He yelled.
This was when it was getting serious! After saying that, he said "OH NO! YARR BE MISSIN!" He made us all search around. "YARR?! YARR BUDDY? WHERE YE BE?" He told us to search the cove for this fun little red sidekick of his! "Arg! I think I might know where he has gone!"
Once at the iceburg, we all went searching "He always be hidden in these, and he blends in so good!" said Rockhopper. By this time I was changed and ready to rock the fair. I too had my Migrator costume on! "ROCKHOPPER! IS THIS YARR?" I said as I stood in the balls.
"WHY I'LL BE! IT IS YARR!" "THANK YE!" He said as Yarr appeared by his side. It had now been close to 8 minutes from when he logged on. I knew he would need to leave soon! "Rockhopper! Can you tell us a story?!" "Hmm... Why yes! I think I can spare ye a tale!" "Lets go to the cove for the story!" He said. I followed.
I was able to sit right next to him for him to tell the story. "Aye! Well this tale be true!" He said. "I looked off yonder and say the biggest rock I'd ever seen!" I gasped. "It was coming so close to the ship so fast, I wasn't able to turn away! It hit the ship so hard! It left a hole! The water starting gushin' in! I had to clog the hole up fast! Can ye guess what I did?" "YOU USED YARR?" someone yelled. "Nahh! I not be using Yarr!" "A squid!?" "No, no squid!" "A boot? No!" "I used me treasure maps to clog it! Good thing I know how to get her by memory! HAR HAR!" He got up from his spot and by this time a huge crowd had found out about him. "I be needing to set sail! New adventures await!" (NEW CATCH PHRASE FOR ME? COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT ;D ) He got up and said a harty goodbye. He walked to the water with Yarr and disapeared. That day I had seen Rockhopper in a new perspective. That day will always be remembered by me, and hopefully my new pal, Rockhopper!
~New Adventures Await!
Tim250, CP Spiffy Adventures Co-Owner


LoonyLunaPi said...

luv it<33!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :D

Tim said...

Oh it was awesome! :D and I did love it!

~New Adventures Await you!

Bunny said...

Great!You Must write a book in real life and mybe send it to school

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